Another NewU Haul + Sale Alerts!

Jan 8, 2012

My present office makeup pouch was totally stuffed and I need to shift to a new one soon. The present one was a net pink with strips that I got from NewU but it won't bulge if you know what I mean. I saw a very cute showroom NY CITI in Shipra Mall.  They had some wonderful ones but I could not agree upon anything.

Then I saw her - Lady with a bow, polka dots and not pink. Feminine but not OTT. You know like chocolate cake but not very sweet so you can eat as much as you want without guilt I must shut up now  

She  It has a compartment and a mirror. I am sure that I will keep an additional mirror, you know the twin mirror ones that has a magnifying one. I had an awesome QVS one but I lost it during a marriage in Lucknow. Why things disappear during marriages!!! *wondering*

I needed a nice brush so....ohhh whom am I kidding! Padded brush with mauve and Pink Heart and butterfly pattern on white with matching comb! I dare you to resist  ^_^

It even fits in my bag so brownie points! But if I keep it in my pouch then I will need to buy a new one to accomodate the other stuff which are waiting now to jump into to....boing boing

And yet again they are giving pouch and mani-pedi kits. Why? Why? Why?

And now the best part of the post -


Bourjois - 24% off on all products here
The Body Shop - 24% off on all products here
Essie Nail Polishes at INR 450 here
L'Oreal - 15% off on all products in NewU
Ponds Gold Radiance Range - 15-20% off on the range in Gaurdian Pharmacy
Faces - 10% on cosmetics here. 32% on face and personal care stuffs here

<will update this list if I counter anything soon>

Dare you miss offer - INR 90 off Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in NewU Stores............woooooooooooooooooooo

So what are you planning darlings?


  1. i luvd dis cutie-sa pouch!! vl check out NewU ryt nw...

  2. wow...such a cute the dots...also..the pinky hair brush...:))
    lovely haul and such a pretty blog....

    Check my blog too


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