Tiny New U Haul + Rant

Dec 21, 2011

We do not have a Sephora in India. To buy makeup you have to visit those multi-brands outlets like Shoppers Stop or Lifestyle or Pantaloons. No I never like to buy makeup from small shops selling everything who call them ‘beauty shops’! For Skincare? Lucky if you get them in general stores or those same shops which sells beauty stuffs. When I first say New U in CSM, Noida my heart skipped a beat – makeup, skincare, hair care and deos (no perfumes *sigh*….so hard to please nah!).

Then it became a monthly ritual for me to buy New U stuffs. On an average I spend 1200 INR every month there. Reason? Offers and gift on purchase of 250, 500 and 1000. And the gifts are not Vaadi thinks that Urbantouch.com forces you…yeah yes it works for no one!

BTW the gifts are always changed each month so its fun. I have got small pouches, jewellery,  photo frames and even a pot holder(going straight to my Mom)! Another point to note sometimes I have see the same gift on purchase of 1000 in CSM Noida was on purchase of 1500 (or higher) in Galleria Gurgaon one! Failed to get any logic here.

Tried to make a X O here - Maybelline Hooked on Pink, Lakme Lip Love Flirt, Travelling Kit

So like my monthly rituals I got these this month

  1. Maybelline Colour Sensational – 065 – Hooked on Pink
  2. Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner in Black (not in the pic! I am not able to find it actually. God knows where I have kept it.
God –I have no idea. Clean your room you crazy lady!!
Me – Oh! As if I will *grumpy face*)

  1. Lakme Lip Last in Flirt – I was only buying their nail polishes for long. Heard a fact myth info about their lipstick that it makes your lips dark! Eewwww.
  2. A Travel Kit with small bottles for my HG products – In case you know me personally you will know why I need it *wink*. I travel at least twice a month on weekends and additional trips might pop up any time. Here is all that the travel kit contained –
    • A soft handkerchief (the purple thing on base)
    • A comb and a mirror – I dare you to say the comb is not cute! ^_^ 
    • Two small tubs with screw tops – smaller than the Lakme Lip Love but is made of plastic so will contain more for sure
    • Two bottles with screw tops
    • One spray thingy

Maybelline Hooked on Pink, Lakme Lip Love Flirt, Travelling Kit

What bothers me about New U – Small Advice for them -

  1. Happy with the gifts but sometimes I am really disappointed! How many times will a person take a mani-pedi kit? How many do one need? And please no those one bag inside another thing…NO. After all my frustration I mentioned this at the sales counter.
      Ma’am – there are 60 shops what can we do
Me – you can at least say. If no one says anything then how are things going to change?

  1. With so many online shops to buy from and we being a lazy lot, you need to give something special  - better offers I at least. You do not have to think about the shipping charges attached to it! Yes but then there is salary to the SA and shop rent. But please manage something.
  2. Get in more brands. You cannot you be like Sephora? At least give Deborah Milano and NYX.
  3. Give your customer some sample products. Now I have this issue with everyone actually...even Body Shop. Why cannot they see that when they give us samples that last just once or twice, we always go back if we like it or recommend others. There is no better way to make people aware of your stuffs.
  4. It has been long now but when actually is the online buying option starting?

This time the gift I was eligible for was a mani-pedi kit ..again.  I was so sad at that time. I picked up three santa key rings which were for buying INR250 stuffs. No pics again for that because you already know why.

Image of Grumpy from twobluefish.blogspot.com. Text written by me.

BTW this guy Grumpy is one of the seven dwarfs

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