Taxi Nail Art ;-D

Dec 17, 2011

Here is something dedicated to the taxi's with green stripes of Delhi. (The black is very hard to clean. I left it that way as I do want to mess the polish)

Nail Polish Used:

1. VOV Neon Matte Yellow - 80 INR?..*not sure*- This is the first thing that I got from FashionAndYou.Com. Actually it was a Android Pen Drive which was INR 999. Wanted to take benefit of the referral scheme so had to get something that was under 100. This was the only one available. I got this delivered in 3 days but the pen drive is yet to arrive.

Its dries up to give a matte finish and as always I cannot work with a single color on my nail...*wink*

2. Colorbar Crackle in Black - INR 499 - Thanks to Colorbar for introducing matte crackle but look at the price? Moreover it is manufacture in India only! So why are you taking so much money from us? Why I got this even with the elevated price is because I get to visit Saket very very rarely. When I went 3 weeks back and saw this I felt what if I go home and regret not picking it up? Result - I paid 499 for a crackle which one can by in 250 at max. Somebody please help me which this what if I regret later disorder  *sigh*.

3. Cororama Verde Palmeira - INR 90 - The best green ever. I used it to denote the CNG green stripe..LOL

Now this whole matte thing does not impress me at all so had to apply a top coat. And here is the final look.

Just in case you are wondering how a Delhi Taxi look like -

Image from

Now a Taxi joke for you all.... (no idea who owns this!)

PS: Me and one of my friend are on hunt for crackle in NCR. Let me know if you are aware. Have a blast this weekend! ta..ta...