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Dec 27, 2011

 I got both my packages today from I actually received them in weekend but they were in my office so you know the story.

How I ended up with two order? I wanted to try a new moisturizer and thought of trying the L'Oreal Hydra range for a change. While browsing I ended up with 2 more eye pencils is rude if you buy only one thing right? ^_^
The next day I came to know that they are having Sale going its again rude if you don't buy during sale right? .....please nod ^_^

And then the best day of my life! I spotted NYX Carnival! I added it to my cart and also some other glitter nail paints. They were for 153 which is a good price considering you get them in few days and no additional shipping. I slept as happy as a baby that day. But what did I saw when I woke up? It was missing from my cart and the list was also missing! Was I dreaming the last night? I called them up and came it know that another 10 people had to face this issue. They only had 25 pieces. I am waiting for January now (That is when they are going to stock this again and also cream say with me...Yeahhh)

 Packaging - Each item like any respectable online retailer should was double bubble wrapped. Now I heard that they used thermocol balls in their packaging so I actually took it in a non airy place to open.

But guess what? They listened to us. No balls flying around! They had thermocol sheets to protect the package.

What I got for how much

Package 1 
L'Oreal Hydra Fresh Aqua Cream - INR 418
NYX Slim pencil for Eyes Teal - INR 193
NYX Slim Pencil for Eyes Electric Blue - INR 193
Package 2
NYX Girls Nail Polish Super Funk - INR 153
NYX Girls Nail Polish Enchanted Forest - INR 153

Few artistic pics by one of my dear friend ^_^

See how chunky NYX Girls Nail Polish Super Funk and Enchanted Forest are??

About the website  - 

Site layout - This  is one of the online website that I have encountered so far. I am a computer science engineer and I can tell you that a good amount of work has gone into it. Full Marks

Price and Brand - They have NYX and Bourjoius! Do I need to ask for better? On top of it everything are on good discounts. I have found some online retailers who raise the MRP specially for imported stuffs and bring down to the actual price saying 50% off. I have not encounter a single such shameless thing here. On top of it they are constantly adding new brands. I saw Diana of London added there today. Full Marks

Correspondence -  The people! boy they are super nice. When I called them first that morning they talked with me so nicely that I forgot that they took away my NYX Carnival! I told them that I need several other stuffs so can I mail them. The person on call happy said yes please. When was the last time you heard Please from online retails? So like a kid writing to Santa, I wrote to them on 23rd Dec morning about all the NYX products that I wanted. I also told them the brands that I wanted to see in their website. On top of it I also made a special request of getting a mineral oil free oil cleanser...too much even for Santa nah! Even in that busy schedule, they herself took out time and replied to me on 24th Dec evening! With the sale going on, I was not expecting any response till 26th actually! Full Marks

Free Gift - I was not expecting any free gift with the huge discounts buy I got a sample for some acne prevention foam. Full marks for giving samples but I have already thrown mine away as it was of no use to me.

Delivery - Package 1 was COD. Order placed on 21st (very late at shopping is my new midnight snack :-D ), dispatched on 23rd and I received it on 24th!
Package 2 - Order placed on 23rd, dispatched on 23rd and reached my office 26th! So full marks here.

Overall - I was actually simultaneously dealing with other seller and retailers now. (5 couriers on way the moment I am writing this. Might increase as I indulge in some midnight snacks *grin*) and I can tell you they are one of the best I have met so far.

Repurchase? - The website is now open in another tab *wink*

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