Sarojini Nagar Shopping on Saturday

Dec 20, 2011

"If you stay in Delhi and do no shop from Sarojini...dikkar hae tumpe(shame on you)" - this is what somebody told me when I was about to shift from Bangalore. But somehow or other I never went there. I once there once but I was in a hurry so picked up some shoes and tees. But this time I was prepared to roam like crazy.

People who are no from NCR may need small introduction here. Sarojini Nagar Market was formed for the Sarojini Nagar Government Colony, build around 1950s. Now this awesome places is the mecca for shoes and bags. But the best part is yet to come - you get the export surplus! There are several international brands which are actually produced in India. Coach for example manufactures its bags somewhere around Chennai. They travel to their country just to get the labels and small finishing done to get that brand value. Now thing is the brands are very careful about their quality but a 19 for 20 is not allowed. But what is some tiny mistake is there? The lot gets rejected and travel to markets like Sarojini and Janpath (You might as well spot them in Lajpat). Now some poor fella might just take a corner and give awesome stuffs raging from 50 to 400.

General tips:

1. Bargain like you do for any other local markets.
2. Go as early as possible. Reason? Less crowd so you can do a proper search in the heap of stuffs. Also, it will be easier to bargain because of 'bauni' time. (Bauni is the first thing sold by the seller. The seller are very superstitious about this. if the first sell goes bad then the whole day will go bad so they will find it hard to say NO to whatever you demand)
3. Keep cash and keep the small notes (tenner specially) ready. There are people who only accepts cash or attaches additional charges for use of debit/credit cards.
4. Wash everything before you wear/use it. I even prefer to clean the nick nacks with hand sanitizer.

Word of Caution:

Whatever you buy, please check the cloth properly. Someone told me that they even sell the chori ka maal
or ahem..used garment!! Yuck. To make sure that you don't buy something that somebody is worn (yuck) then check the areas around the underarms for any bobbling and check very carefully if there is any dirt around the sleeves or collar or even around the pockets. If you suspect anything then never buy it.

Also the cloths travel long distance and handled very carelessly check buttons and holes. Think very carefully if you can live with that defect!

Why Sarojini over other local market?

The thing I love in Sarojini over other markets is its more organised. The shoe shops are in a line. All the cloths are in a line. The arrangement of shops is not in a haphazard way. You can easily track things.

My Satuday Shopping:

When I woke up after 13 hours of sleep, I got ready to go there. Today for some reason I wanted to travel only by public transport, not spending more than 100 bucks on travelling and keep a upper tab of 3000 on my shopping (what was wrong with me that day?)

Anyways I got there and as I kept on roaming there I realized how come Sarojini has become so small? And excuse me but I am still in India so where is the mad mad crowd? Then I realized that accidentally I got into Babu Market  instead of Sarojini! Now both are just adjoining markets but time wasted!

But I was happy as I got the following from there:

A huge yellow coat - My boy say I look like a Inuit in this *blush*

Me - Iska kitna? (How much?)


Me thinking - what?

I spent around 10 minutes there to check everything and make sure that I do not end up buying ahem...used. So I finally asked him why this is so different for the other stuffs he is selling? Then I got to know that it was a sample piece. I checked all the tags and then I found a paper tag inside (what a relief).

All collars etc were clean as new. I just grabbed it *evil grin*

BTW from sample piece - there is a stop in Janpat who actually manufactures bag and just keep the samples there. I once got an Aldo Bag for 200 INR. later found the exact same in net and India stores also...wooo laaa laaa

Glitter nail paints - 15, 20 and 25 INR.

The best part is that the base have a color and not transparent! Yippee! 

The following from Sarojini:

Leg warmer with fur, colored stockings and textured stocking (donno when I am gonna wear it..duh)

Liked the texture? Well this was th only decent one....other were bit..ahem ahem

Slippers ( INR 150)

Stoles ( INR 75 each)

Raspberry Gloves (INR 50)

Well, I wanted black with bow and Angel written with Rhinestones. Saw that last year in Lajpat but did not brought as the winter was about to regretting very badly

Full Sleeve Tees (100 each) 

BTW I failed the only 100 for transport (it was around 150) but I was successful with only 3000 for shopping. The reason was simple - I did not got any shoes or bags!! Its very difficult not to get any shoes but I did it...say congrats.

Gossip - There was a girl from Delhi in my institute. When we asked to use her about her 'xams, she used to say 'thik thik' (okay okay). This used to irritate us lot! When I came to NCR,  I realized its very common to say so while bargaining as you can know to how low the seller is ready to go *bigger evil grin*. 

But finally I found a man who has solution to the thik thik issue (read the yellow board).
Thik Thik Laga Lo Kehna Mana Hae. Ek Daam Sabko Aaram.
 (Saying tell a OK OK price is not allowed. Fixed price, relief for all)
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