MAC's New Makeup Line with Iris Apfel

Dec 22, 2011

With the collaboration of Fashion icon Iris Apfel, MAC is going to launch a new makeup line. Just like her attention seeker spects the range contains some real attention grabber colors. I must say that at the tender age of 90 she has brought up something really awesome. A very nice collection in fact who loves brights.

Something that is mentioned everywhere on internet:

A colour collection inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time, Mrs. Iris Apfel. Subject of her own exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and larger-than-life star, Apfel boldly mixed flea market finds with haute couture decades before doing it was considered de rigueur. M·A·C presents Lipsticks, Beauty Powder and Eye Shadows with as much fabulous flair and joie de vivre as the woman who helped create it.

For your information, the color collection contain:

Nail Lacquer $15.00US/$18.00CDN

Oriele Orange: Bright orange coral (Limited Edition)
Sandpiper: Creamy pale stone beige (Limited Edition)
Toco Toucan: Bright blue-fuchsia (Limited Edition)

Lipstick $14.50US/$17.50CDN

Flamingo: Light milky bright coral (Lustre) (Limited Edition)
Morange: Loudmouth orange (Permanent)
Party Parrot: Bright red-pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
Pink Pigeon: Bright cleanest pink (Matte) (Limited Edition)
Scarlet Ibis: Bright orange-red (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Lip Pencil $14.00US/$16.50CDN

Embrace Me: Vivid pinkish fuchsia (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
Entertain Me: Clearly orange (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
Redd: Red (Permanent)

Beauty Powder $23.00US/$27.50CDN

Too Chic: Soft peachy cream with fine shimmer (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Opulash Mascara $15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

Bad, Bad, Black Black

Eye Pencil $14.00 U.S./$17.00 CDN

Ebony Soft black

Impeccable brow Pencil15.00 U.S./$18.00 CDN

Taupe Mid-tone dirty taupe 

Eyeshadow $15.00US/$18.00CDN

Diamond Dove: Deep gray-brown (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Early Bird: Bright coral (Matte) (Limited Edition)

Howzat: Deep gray with silver sparkle (Satin) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)

Silver Gull: Blue-gray with sparkle (Velvet) (Limited Edition) 

Robins Egg: Mid-tone teal (Matte) (Limited Edition) 

I really liked all the stuffs that are going to be launched. Specially Party Parrot and Robins Egg. Just wondering how Sandpiper came into this collection.This is to be launched on US  in Jan and worldwide in Feb but as usual be rest assured that this is not going to come to us before summer. Or will it be launched here sooner? 

Did you liked anything here?

 PS: If you want to know more about her and internet now, you will only find her link with MAC and the same pics that I showed you here. If you want get better insight of her, here is one interview of the diva taken 2 years back - link.

PS: No idea of the source

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  1. Very energetic article, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?


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