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Dec 3, 2011

 I always wanted something from NYX . Finally I got these pretty ladies from Joys Cosmetics in Ebay. Yes these are my first NYX products :-/

Why Joys Store? Simply because they give things in the best price even after including shipping. Cheaper than PorkDaisy, UrbanTouch or any other websites.

For example in UT, you get a cream blush for INR 550 which they say are on 10% off. But in Joy's you get 2 cream blushes with shipping to India for INR you do the maths for your savings :)

Packing - The packing was superb. Moreover each of the item was nicely bubble wrapped.

 See their attention to details. Each pack was with a sticker of their logo in Ebay...isn't it pretty!!

They even send this letter. Okay its an invoice but see the footnote!!!

 They even provided a $2 discount even when I paid the full amount. They mailed me that its coz of combined shipping.

And yes, the mail part. They are the most jolly sellers I ever found online. All my mails were promptly replied. Almost like live chat. And they write in a very friendly way...full of doubt they are the Joy's Cosmetics :D

Hi!!! :D
Thank you very much for order!! :D
Could you please choose colors for your items?
then I will ship them as soon as possible !!!!
I will wait for your responds, 

and I just refunded $2.00 to your paypal account 
for combine shipping discount. 
(shipping discount is based on weight of package.)
I hope you like it !!!!!!!!!
Have a nice weekend!! :D


Another example:

Thank you very much!! :D
I got your all colors !! yay !!!
I'll ship your package on Monday morning!! 
Have a great weekend!! :D


See such joyful people....

So here are what I got

1.  NYX Carribean Collection  NYX I Dream of St. Lucia Eyeshadow Palette

2.  NYX Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio palette  Orange/Golden Orange/Peach

I got this because I loved the shimmer it them. Natural and not OTT. Another reason - I found somewhere that the Golden Orange is a dupe of Nars Taj Mahal. But it guess its for the Golden Orange of the single baked eyeshadow.

3.  NYX Smokey Eyes - One Night in Morroco -

I ordered this as it has all I needed for smokey eyes, an eyeshadow base and 4 n*de pink/peach lip colours.

Final Verdict : If you love NYX ~> have a credit card (as PayPal accepts Credit Card) ~> can wait for 14 days for delivery on average ~> do not want to spend too much ~> head to Joys Store ~here~ NOW!! :D


Disclosure : I am not at all linked with the seller. The items are brought by my own money.


  1. Yup i love joys cosmetics !! Btw, i accept guest blogger posts with a link back to the blog. Let me know if you want to do one..i like yr pictures ans writing style :)!

  2. ohhh Mehak....thanks a lot... :)
    I will mail you something soon... :D

  3. @Bhumika - isn't it nice? all in one small box that fits in palm.

  4. Lovely Haul! I love NYX Trios! One night in Morocco is a gorgeous palette, but surprising that NYX didn't add a matte black shadow in a smokey eyes kit

  5. @IBC - true black...buying the Bourjois one..its awesome nah?

  6. wow...nice blog...:) nice reviews too....:)

  7. I too got some stuffs from Joy's still waiting for my stuffs :D Btw check out nyx nude on nude palette! Its amazing!

    1. wow! what did u ordered? I am thinking of getting Nyx nude on nude but now I already enjoying my PH nude one

  8. Wowww! I never knew abt "joy's" ..Thanks for sharing ...SD!
    Lovable haul.. more love to the smokey eyes kit! :D <3

  9. In how many days did you receive the package? I have also placed an order from d same buyer so just wanted to know..thanks

    1. i got in 2 weeks I guess dear. But it all depends on the Indian post office that will deliver you.


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