Inglot For-Oh-One Lippe - The Matt Coral

Dec 16, 2011

Inglot Lipstick 401 Matt is a vibrant coral color. The sort of color with which you can bring all the attention to your lips.

This was discovered the same time when I was out to find a lipstick of the same shade that I was using for long (read about it ~HERE~). When I entered the candy shop (read Inglot store), I instantly liked this color. Actually I loved the number more than the color - sort of like - For (Y)our One :-D
Love it so much that I got it even without trying it on my lips...Oh what a mistake


Texture : Its matte. I love matte lipsticks but something is extremely wrong about this one. Its not smooth. Does not glide at all on your lips. You have to wear a lip balm and then only it glides but that way it does not feels like a matte lip color and wears off soon. It even sets on lines after some time and transfer easily due to the balm under it.

See the swatch here. I swiped it 3-4 times! Moreover see the powdered extra around the head. Total fail!

~ Under different lighting ~

When I was in Kolkata during Durga Puja, it used to work even without any balm maybe because of the humidity there. Now in Delhi winter, its dry and brittle. Won't glide at all! Maybe I will use it only when I will be visiting Kolkata or any other humid place.

Price - This one was 680 INR. Inglot has it lipsticks priced wither 680 INR or 550INR. It depends on the color.

Re-purchase - Yes but not this texture. For Matte, Colorbar ones does a very nice job at INR220 and you can almost get the shade you want!

Will you buy a texture like this?

Gossip :-D
I read later that Sonakshi Sinha mentioned this as her vanity essential in Vogue! Ahem Ahem....I have always found that lady in browns and n*de..Inglot Coral!...*whatever*