How to make Shower Cream using a Soap in 3 steps

Dec 2, 2011

Winter is here and if you also have dry skin then at times even shower gels can dry up the skin further. My Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel ... which the most relaxing shower gel ever was getting over and I have no idea if Body Shop will launch it again. So, I decided to make my own creamy shower cream.......Here is a very easy way to make your own shower cream - as thick , as soft and as good as you want it to be :)

What will you need - 1. As we are making from Soap so let me name it first - Soap. Here I am using the 100 gm that is left of Lush Trichomania Truckle which is actually a Solid Shampoo. I wanted something that has the least chemicals so picked it up for INR790. When I reached home I saw Mr.SLS laughing at me from the ingredients list. The company claimed a lot too many things for dry hair - Coconut shampoo to make dry hair softer. Trichomania = the love of hair. What if you were stuck on a deserted, tropical island? If you've got your own coconut tree, you can be almost self-sufficient. You can build a shelter from the leaves, drink the nutritious milk, eat the flesh and use the husks to make carpet, beds and slightly rough clothing. You can also squeeze the flesh to make coconut oil to keep your hair, scalp and body conditioned and moisturized. City dwellers can also benefit from the coconut's amazing properties by purchasing a block of Trichomania, which will have their hair and scalp cleaner, softer and smelling lovely.- .....and it did nothing good for me. One day my friend who though it was a soap, rubbed it in a loofah and took a bath. The smell made me realize that it can become a awesome shower cream. I wanted to use it as soap but its hard as a soap if you know what I mean. Also, I find using soap a bit boring and slightly unhygienic.
You can use any soap you want to.

2. Pure water - Only one glass. I used the Bisleri one that is supplied to our home.
3. Honey - 1 Table Spoon as my skin is dry.
4. Olive Oil - 1 Table Spoon - as it makes the formula fluffy and because I have dry skin (which I cannot stress anymore).

Steps to prepare : 1. Chop up the shop as small as possible. You can use a kitchen chopper but then I felt what if I am not able to clean it properly later! Here is a step-by-step approach to do it. Remember the transition from 3 to 4 is tiring but it reduces the efforts for later stage to Nil.....pinky promise :D

2. Put a little more than a glass of water on a sauce pan and put is on simmer. Slowly add the powered shop in the hot water.  Now if you have small chunks still left then let it mix in the water. Slowly keep on moving spoon in that mixture. I added the honey and olive oil at this stage.

3. When the all the chucks are dissolved. Put the sauce pan out of the gas. Do not think that the consistency is thin because when the water cools down it will become thick as you can see in the initial pics.

How you can modify it further : You can  add other oils or ingredients if you wish to depending upon what complements the smell of your soap. For example if you have a fruity one, you can also add grinded orange peels. Its all your wish. You can even add a bit of glycerin.

Final Verdict - It was amazing to make this shower cream. Took me 30 minutes. I used it today and I no more miss my Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Shower Gel...other than its smells. If Body Shop does not come up with it again this winter then I will make a shower cream from the Fab India Spice Soap. BTW TBS shower gel is INR 495 and the Fab India Soap is INR 70 or 80.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you want any more information for making your own shower cream this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend....

EDIT - If you would like to store this then do check if your soap has any parabens. In case it does not have then try to make in smaller batches as the water in this might attract microbial growth in the absence of parabens. The another benefit in making smaller batches is that you can regulate the amount of olive oil or honey or any other stuff depending upon how your skin reacts to it.


  1. Very intresting and creative stuff !

    Thanks so much for sharing this innovative cheap solution :)

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Wow...Looks so creamy! This is a fab idea

  3. @Nafisa - Glad that you liked..its really creamy..who would have thought that such a hard soap can be so creamy... :D

  4. OMG... just yesterday I was searching for DIY shower cream and chanced upon ur blog today.. this is great!!! thanks :)

  5. @NoviceMakeup - Glad that you liked...did you tried it?

  6. whoa sweet and bitter.. this is just great and the shower cream looks so creamy and fluffy... I am pakka se trying it out!!! thanks!

  7. Nice post!!!I find using soap gross too... so I guess this is its best use! I'll most definitely try it out!

  8. Interesting, I think I should be trying this over the weekend!


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