For the Love of Scrubs - Lush Sweet Lips

Dec 15, 2011

I <3 Scrubs. I make my scrubs, I buy any different type of scrubs and believe me I scrub almost everyday day (Very light circular motion, not rubbing your skin out types. Its basically because I hate the streaky feeling that soap leaves behind but a scrub will always make the skin supple because of the base in it.) So when a scrub lover like me first time spotted the lip scrubs near the billing counter in Lush, could I have said no?

BTW I went to Lush to buy a solid shampoo which ended up as a shower ~here~

I was not aware that there were any lip scrubs so had to get them.

What the company claims - (copying from Lush India site as Lush USA has spelling mistakes :O )
Our fabulous lip scrubs are here to keep your kissers sweet. Sweet Lips is the lip scrub for chocolate fanatics. It smells like a bar of creamy milk chocolate. Vanilla extract keeps your lips moist, castor sugar gently exfoliates, and the rich, deep fragrance of cocoa absolute gives this an irresistible touch. Rub it over your lips when they're feeling the need for some sugar.

Price - INR 600 for 25gm. Too much and I will tell you why.

Ingredients -
Castor Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Vanilla Extract (Vanilla planifolia), Cocoa Absolute (Theobroma cacao), Tagetes Oil (Tagetes minuta), Flavour.

Overall experience - The scrub does its job just as it claims so, no bad feelings here. Its effective, nice and sweet as its almost sugar. Now Lush says 'handmade cosmetics' which I mistook as natural/chemical free. Now its not the case because it contains additional flavour which I am not sure about. Again, I cannot complain as its completely my mistake. Also, LUSH puts up the pic of the person who created it...little creepy.

Re-purchase? - Never

Final Verdict - Please do not buy until you are in the mood to splurge. Stay tuned and I will let you know how to make one of your own from things you get from CCD and Mom's Kitchen.

[EDIT - Read how to make one at home here - DIY Lip Scrub ]

PS: the pink thing is something I got from Nik Nish Kolkata. Loved that shop don't know if it's still there.