Flirty? Lakme Lip Love Conditioner Flirt

Dec 23, 2011

Sometimes I love when the cosmetics have name for their shade instead of number. But many times they just go overboard. For Lakme it was the Lip Love Conditioners that they launched around August/September. It was launched in 4 variants - Siren, Charmer, Flirt and Hottie. I got Flirt.

Price - INR 225 for 3gm. Also available for INR 216 in

What the website says - A gel based lip softener that promises to pamper your pout with color & moisture.

What the tub says - Lip Love Conditioner, with Shea butter and Jojoba Oil, known to hydrate and condition lips, and SPF 12 to protect from sun damage.

Please note - the shade names are not written on the tub. Just a tag on it. Moreover, the way to open is to peel off the wrapper over it which in turn removes the tag. In case you own more than 1 shade then guessing the name may not be a fun game. I just took a paper cutter and carefully cut it around the opening. You can see the T of the FLIRT in the cap now ;-/

Its a heart shaped tub from inside.

One more pic before I destroy the beautiful heart.

And finally the swatch.

Texture is like a sheer lipstick, maybe because of the winter here.
It will be more of a tinted balm later on ;-)

Apply - I used a brush here. I think I will use only brush to apply this. I will continue to use it by brush only for hygiene reasons and also because it looks better. With fingers, the color does not look that vibrant and glossy.

Final verdict - Good mosturization even at this season. Stay is not that nice but for 225 its a must try. You might find the perfect shades for you! For those who loves tinted lip balms and sheer lipsticks, this is a must try. Interestingly, it was able to cover pigmented lips also but then it settles in lines. As its a glossy product, no one wont notice the lines unless you are very near to you. I wish they had a n*de sorta shade.

So did the shade made you feel flirty?

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