Essential for Nail Art Lovers - Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover

Dec 16, 2011

The thing that a nail art loves must have more than nail polish and art DIY is a great nail polish remover. A remover that does its main job perfectly without irritating the nail surface, that does not stings the cuticle and leaves a wonderful shine behind. And guys I have found THE ONE!

The perfect nail polish remover so far. 

What the company claims:


This one is not for artificial nails. They have a different variant for artificial ones.

Colour and Smell:

Its light pink in colour and smells much better than other removers.


I am using The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds. So far I find them to be the most cost-effective cotton pads that can be used for remove makeup and nail polish. It has a double sided - smooth and textured so good for both jobs.

So using just  a dab of remover:

On my nails - Deborah Shine Tech 57 ( read ~here~). And as quoted by one of my friend I can hardly keep a single colour on my nails so, right after that post I tried to do some superimposing with nail art stamps.

One Nail Clean

All done with a single dab of remover

And it does leaves behind a fine shine behind so no need to buffer : D. Please excuse the yellowish tips.

The only thing that worries me about this remover is it does not have a stopper. But, the cap is good so haven't lost any product so far.

Price and where to buy? - Price is 325 INR for 8fl oz/236.5. So, completely cost effective for people who need to use remover frequently.

You can got mine at 25% off from - ~here~

Final  Verdict - Must have for people who are into nail art or people who change their polish frequently.

Repurchase - Absolutely yes!

And do you know what what removing nail polish mean? New Nail Art!!!!.......*excited*