Cocoa War - Palmer vs Vaseline vs Khadi

Dec 8, 2011

Girls love choclate. Any doubts! What if you wanna indulge and stuck in some stupid diet to reduce that extra pound. Lord has finally heard us and introduced cocoa butter body lotions. At least you can enjoy the lingering smell of chocolate on your skin :)

So, as told in my first blog, here is the comparison between the cocoa butter lotions available in India - Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow and Khadi Cocoa Butter Mosturising Lotion with Vitamin E. I really wanted to include The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter in this but then its a butter not lotion as claimed by the company.

1. What the company claims -

2. Bottle - They all have a flip top bottle with plastic body. Nothing to talk much here but the plastic khadi one is week. Its the same one as other khadi products. Palmer one has the strongest body.

3. Ingredients -All as expected has cocoa butter.

The Khadi's list does not seems complete.

If we go by the logic that the ingredient mentioned first is the ingredient of the highest quantity then Vaseline fails here. Even Shea Butter is mentioned before Cocoa butter in Vaseline's list. But we don't know if the logic is applicable.

But, I am happy with the Palmer's List.

4. Texture - The Khadi's texture is almost like Pond's Body Lotion - Very Weak. Vaseline is good enough for normal and combination skin types. Palmer is best if you have dry skin. Vaseline and Palmer both absorbs quickly.

5. Price and Availability - 

Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E - INR350 for 250 ml as I got from an importer. 

Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow - INR150 for 200ml. Available for 120 in Big Bazaar and also in other sizes. Easily available in stores. Can be even found in grocery shops.

Khadi Cocoa Butter Mosturising Lotion with Vitamin E - INR 120 for 210ml. I think I got it in 90 as I brought it in the trade fair. Can be found only in Khadi Bhandars but I recently spotted Khadi products in stores that keep beauty products. 

6. Smell - The most deciding factor for me as other than thickness they are all comparable. fine, Palmer is also on the costlier side.

Palmer's smell just as good as the one in jar. Relaxing, nice and caring - wondering how a smell can be caring? well smell this with your eyes closed and you will know :P

Vaseline smells like a chocolate toffee. I cannot say anything more here.

Kadhi one the worst of all. The day I first applied, I had to take bath again to remove the smell. It smells nothing like chocolate butter but in fact like some pan masala. Yuck! Maybe its because it does not have any added fragrance like the other two but how can I move around smelling like Pan Masala! When I first smelt it in the shop I could not realize it as I already has my nose confused after smelling all other soaps. 

Super bad experience but got to know one nice thing - The soaps sold in Kadhi and Fab India are by the same manufacturer. they just put different labels as per their brand. Added to this there are many other "natural/herbal" brands who sells the same soaps as Khadi. I searched the internet and could not believe that the soaps were actually sold with a fancier name and 8 times the price tags online. So dear, next time when you eye for a fancy soap that is shaped like a simple bar do check in Khadi or Fab India as its still cheaper.

Winner? Do I still have to say? :P


  1. nice and detailed post. thank god,i nver buy any soap at all. i have used palmers body butter and i must say its awesome.the other two,i have not used.

  2. nice review....I have used palmers and Vaseline from the list...Luv Palmers :)
    Also...Body shop Cocoa Butter range too :)

  3. @Renji - It has a very artificial smell...i do not like that range from Body Shop


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