Christmas Special - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Kiss Me Coral

Dec 24, 2011

Revlon Kiss me Coral. The name only is so enchanting. For some reason I did not wanted to wear a red but orange on lips. But since its Christmas, it has to be red so I got this orange with red undertones - the perfect coral.

Price - INR 525 for 4.2 gms.

Texture - The texture is super creamy and very easy to apply. If fades in 3-4 hours but leaves behind a tint so not complaining for the bad staying power.

Now another reason I was hunting for a coral orangy lippe was because my awesome Inglot 401 is not behaving well in this winter.

Here is a comparative swatch between the two. Now I know that the finishes of both the products are different so its not correct to compare them but even a matte lippes should atleast glide smoothly. If you see carelly, you can see crumbles of the color.

(All pics - Revlon Left and Inglot Right)

I applied some balm for it to glide on my skin to compare the color.

So the Revlon Kiss Me Coral is having the red component more than the Inglot one. Once I wipe them, then both of them leaves behind the same tint but the pic for that does not matter here as Inglot is not at all smooth enough now to be used just for tint.

About the shade name - It reminded of the song Kiss Me by Sixpence. This song can actually make you fall in love even if you do not have anyone. I adore the cap that she wears in this video. I am posting videos with every post today coz I am feeling merrier.  :-D

So back to the lipsticks now.

Would you liked to be Kissed by Coral?

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