Bourjois Blushes - Lilas D'or 33, Cendre de Rose Brune 48 & Sienne 85

Dec 5, 2011

For almost a year, I was alive only on 3 blushes - one to contour, one matte pink and one shimmer pink-peach. Any blush addict will feel pity but trust be dear, these three cuties saved me on all occasions:


1. Bourjois Sienne 85 - Its matte caramel color. This one was my first blush. I never believed in blushes as my skin always have redness or pinkness on its own. Over that if I apply any blush then my chubby cheeks do all the talking. But I needed one last year so I headed to Bourjois at Lifestyle GIP as heard a lot about baked blushes which last for long....and to be true at that point of time, I needed some baked food (read chocolate muffin....everyone needs that in winter..nod please). Another reason - I liked to cute brushes. They are soft, never sheds but feels like broom on your face.So I asked the SA what would look good on me and she gave me this. Its looks good on hand but awful on my face. I use it for countering only. Or when I am tanned otherwise its look like I bruised myself...yet to discover why!

2. Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brune 48 - Its a matte pink which shows up beautifully to give that perfect natural flush. When I came to know its a vintage...created in the 1960s....I had it get this.

Moreover its the perfect matte pink which shows up perfectly on my fact I have to be careful that its not applied to much. Super perfect for Delhi winters when fair skin start to look pale as ghost and you have to apply at least a light hand of blush.

3. Bourjois Lilas D'or 33 - Its the beautiful shimmer pink-peach to highlight. I got this after reading Cynthia's Blog that's a dupe of.... drum-roll please......NARS Orgasm!! How could I have said no....tell how how?

Texture: Its baked one, so you know how its is. best past is no wastage because of fly offs as the blush is quite hard. A of your blush brush and you are good to do. Does not give feeling that you are wearing anything.

Price: INR 575. Very good for the range of blushes + they are baked once so will last loooong. Can you see any dent on them? I was using them for last one year. And on emergency they were used a mono eyeshadows also..ab bachcho ki jaan loge kya?

Final Verdict: Please get Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brune  and Bourjois Lilas D'or 33. They are undoubtedly sweetest things ever if you have fair to medium skin tone. Otherwise they have 15 shades in total, you will surely get what suits you. 

And a small tip from Cynthia's Blog before you head to their store:

"There are matte and shimmery with golden flecks Bourjois blushes. The ones with gold shimmer are all the ones with the word "d'or" at the end. 'D'or' means 'golden' in French."

Hope you had a great weekend. 


  1. This post is so cool, I've never seen these brushes before. Great post and thanks for sharing about this product.

    I'm a stylist with a blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  2. @Dale - Glad you liked them. I visited you blog...its awesome.
    Add to my Blog roll.check

  3. these blushes look so pretty!

    btw ur photo's always look so cool! can I ask what camera you use?

  4. Aren't they pretty?? BTW I have a Canon IXUS 130

  5. Cool! My camera is half decent in theory (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35) but for some reason my pics just dont turn out that great :-(

  6. then try clicking in will come good

  7. these beauties always fascinated me with all their shimmer but never took them seriously...will buy atleast on efor sure...tyyyy sooooo much SnB...


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