Berry Love - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 065 Hooked on Pink Swatch and Review

Dec 28, 2011

I am the most anti-berry lipstick person that you can find on earth. Whenever I got any either they are very blue or to mangenta. So, in the end I always give them to my aunts who happy use them as a gift. But you must have every shade of nailpolish and lipsticks right? I can almost say checked for nail polish as I have got more than 50 colours but for lipsticks the stash is still building. So will all my guts I again picked up a berry lipcolour. But will it be my-berry-lip?

In case you are not aware of the Color Sensational range from Maybelline (some might feel that I am kidding), then this is a range of lipcolours with almost every possible texture and color that you can expect from a drugstore brand. its very economical too so you might not feel bad about experimenting with this. The range is broadly divided into - Reds, browns, Pinks and get the idea right..let me skip to review as some people might be bored to death now :D

Price - INR 310 for 4.2gm for a super-long shelf life. I think it was INR299 or so. Nothing to check it with as another one I had (summer sunset, etc) are given away already.

Swatch - Do you see what I see? The perfect berry! Not too magenta, nothing blue, not a hint of plum! This colour just like other from the range are very nicely pigments and smooth to apply even in this weather. Full credits here.

You can just apply this with a very simple eye makeup and BOOM! Hello Miss Beautiful Lips....its surely got me hooked. But remember to apply it correctly. If possible, outline your lips with the colour first as its very defining for lips. Good news here is you can play a little bit with the shape of your lips with this without looking like a Delhi Aunty. And yes I hate the so-called-trend of applying a almost black lip liner and then almost a pale lipcolor. Gross! Somebody please tell them to stop. It does no good to your attractiveness-meter.

In case you are thinking about the fur then its my leg warmer that I got from Sarojini Nagar Shopping.

So are you hooked to pink now?


  1. nice review...liked your writing style,this is the first time im on your blog,good one...:)

  2. this is sooo pretty...nice post and gr8 pics...i bought pleasure me red recently..

  3. that's a nice review.I just stumbled upon ur blog and following u right away. :)

    Don't mean to spam but I'd like u to visit my blog. Please follow if u like it. :)

  4. Hahah the delhi aunty part is kinda funny! I have a similar shade from oriflame very me collection.. and its so creamy and gorgeous.. definitely in love


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