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Hi Dear,

Welcome to Sweet And Bitter Blog. I am Shayoni and I write for Sweet And Bitter Blog. I am from Kolkata, India. I am constantly battling skin issues and make sure to update whenever I find a new gem which works. I also prefer using natural products so, keep in touch if you wish to be updated on natural products which work.

When I started blogging, I felt that I must keep my blog life completely separate from personal life. There were certain fears and certain things that made me feel that I must remain anonymous. Slowly, I felt a huge gap between me and the readers and then started posting my photos.

I am still to learn a lot about makeup and hope you all inspire and guide me.

I click the picture in the post only when I am working from home or on weekends. In case, you liked them and want to use them please inform by emailing me at or

For any query, suggestions, opinions, requests, PR and just to chat then please mail me at or I will reply to each mail.....promise

Everything I write is my view point and might not match your experience. Please comment on the posts that you read. They always inspire me. But please respect sentiments of the owner and the readers when commenting. Feel free to mail me if you need to talk about a suggestion for the blog layout, images or content.

All products are purchased by my hard earned money which I get from the job which forbids me to disclose much about me. If they are PR samples, then it is mentioned that way in the post. 

^_^ Lots of Love ^_^

(Don't put too much stress on the O to pronounce it correctly)

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