Aug 31, 2018

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence Water Base SPF50+ PA+++ Sunscreen Review

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence Water Base SPF50+ PA+++
Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Essence Water Base SPF50+ PA+++

There are two things that most people skip in their daily routine – Sunscreen and Eye cream. And yes, I am one of those people. I tend to forget to apply eye cream. (Recently, started using The Body Shop Oils of Life one. I will review it when I am regular with that for a month…fingers crossed). 

Sunscreen is something that most people skip. Reason: It gives them an oily face. Who needs that when it is hot and humid? The cream formula is not the best solution because it not all of them are mattifying. My go-to ones are Lotus Herbal Matte and Neutrogena….until I discovered Clarins and The Body Shop. The latter two made me realize that even watery ones work well. 

So, to explore more, I purchased this water-based sunscreen from Innisfree. 

Aug 30, 2018

6 Glamglow Masks Review #MultiMasking

Glamglow Masks Review Supermud, Youthmud, Gravitymud, Thristymud, Flashmud, Powermud
Glamglow Masks Review Supermud, Youthmud, Gravitymud, Thristymud, Flashmud, Powermud Review

Since the time Glamglow entered the Indian market, everyone is raving about them. And since it is skincare, it is tough for me to turn a blind eye to the Glamglow masks. Issue – The price. A whopping Rs 1600 for just 15 grams. To make you feel that 15 grams is a good amount, they even pack them up in glass jars. How much is 15 grams? Well, the free masks sachets that The Body Shop gives are 5 grams each. Those last for around 2 usages….thrice if you can stretch them. So, Rs 1600 for something that won’t even last 8 proper applications is heartbreaking. But, I was tempted the whole time and wanted to try multiple of those. Then one day my friend informed me that she has got one of them. I could not control myself any longer. I had to check at Sephora. There I found this multimasking trial pack which is not only value for money, but I also get to try all their masks. The dam gates of my self-control crashed open.

Aug 29, 2018

The Body Shop Lip Juicer

The Body Shop Lip Juicers Acai, Blueberry & Ginger and Kiwi, Kale & Watermelon Review India Price
The Body Shop Lip Juicers Acai, Blueberry & Ginger,
Kiwi, Kale & Watermelon Review

Just look at them. Yes, take a full minute and look at them. How cute are they? Something like EOS but also like a chubby crayon. The Body Shop launched five of these moisture-boosting balms around a month back. I picked two - one without tint and another with the highest tint.

Aug 28, 2018

Stationery Fair 2018 Haul

Peppy Basket Cute Kawaii Korean Stationery Fair Delhi
Delhi Stationery Fair Haul

I was dreaming about visiting them since I got to know about this couple of months back. Then, I forgot about it and spend my money somewhere else. Anyways, I could not say no to 'Stationery' to off I went there on Sunday afternoon - returned broke!

The fair majorly have four types of stalls
  • Start-ups with notebooks, etc. with quirky prints. You will get things are all over Instagram plus something new. Should not be missed because you never know what you discover here.
  • Major brands with paper products like Navneet. Go here with specific requirements. You might not get good looking products, but paper quality will be good here.
  • Export houses who are here with some export reject and some nice stuff. The prices here are low but you have to check the paper quality.
  • Stationery shops which sell imported goodies. You get the expensive-not-made-in-India products here. Some of those have cute made in China or Korea products.

Some of the stalls were not sold so, there are also some random chips and pickle shops. I ignored them all. 😑

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