Jan 18, 2018

DIY Hand Painted Earthen Pots/Planters and Upcycled Teacups

Terracotta Earthen Clay Pots Indian Boho Tribal Painting DIY
Terracotta Earthen Clay Pots Indian Boho Tribal Painting DIY

Hope you are having a great new year and 2018 is treating you good. One of the biggest events of the year (so far) is that I left my job. I have been there for more than eight years! I will be joining another job in Feb. Till then, it's all about self-care. Today, I even had my first piano class 🙊

.I said at the start of the year that I want to do more DIYs. Most planters we have in our house are the ceramic ones. But, I was getting bored of those. So, I thought of painting the clay pots. Don't they look lovely? Disclaimer: I painted these while watching 'The Middle' on Amazon Price so, they are not perfect. 😁

Upcycle Earthen Clay Tea Cups Kullad Planters Aloe Vera
Upcycle Earthen Clay Tea Cups Kullad Planters Aloe Vera

My mom is here with us these days, and she enjoys teas. I begged her to get all the kullads/clay teacups she got, and now, we have Aloe Vera growing in them now. Nice way to upcycle, eh?

Aloe Vera Pun on Clay Pot Aloe You Vera Much

I need to work on how to write fonts with brush. I even used a pencil to guide me but I failed. I saw this one on Pinterest and decided to upcycle this biryani handi we got with food delivery. Not impressed with my work here.

Please don't judge me by the insane number of Aloe Vera plants we have in our home. FYI, there are more plants that are not in the picture!

Bamboo for Hanging Plants Painted DIY
Bamboo for Hanging Plants Painted DIY

I also painted few other pots and planters like this hanging bamboo one I got from Trade Fair. I even spotted them in Delli Haat last weekend. So, I think they will be easily available from now on. We had these at our home in Arunachal Pradesh. Hashtag Nostalgia. 😊

Another thing I am trying to learn (but, on my own) is watercolor. I will show you some later.

So, what do you think about the upcycled version of the pots?


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