Jun 22, 2017

The Body Shop 50% Sale Shopping Haul || Online Store

The Body Shop India Online Sale Shopping
The Body Shop India Online Sale Shopping

Generally, during the sale season, you see the slow moving products or about to expire products on high discounts. So, I wasn't excited. But, my inquisitive mind had to check, and my jaws dropped when I saw the sale at The Body Shop India online store. There are products which I absolutely love and products which are fast moving on sale. For example, they hardly have accessories in the sale. Also, the Rainforest shampoo is never on offer, but I got a 50% on that as well. I had to stock up. I have never purchased anything online so, this was a new experience for me.

So, here is what I picked

Jun 20, 2017

Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil

One of the things I badly miss here in Delhi are the oil champi sessions. Generally, girls run away from their moms when it comes to oiling hair. But, oil is life for me. So, I plead my mom or anyone who seem remotely interested in massaging oil into my scalp. Somehow, I am never like the idea of doing it myself. While coconut and almond oil are my first choices, I also tried Kama Neem which worked well for me. But, those are all heavy oil. When it comes to applying oil on my own, I prefer the lighter textures. That is my favorite my go to oil has now become - Satthwa Premium Hair Oil.

Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil (Slows Premature Greying, Promotes Hair Growth, Prevents Dandruff, Stops Hair Fall)
Sathhwa Premium Hair Oil

Jun 9, 2017

FabIndia COFFEE NEROLI Revitalising and Toning Body Polish

I purchased my first FabIndia product in 2009. It was a soap – Orange Neroli. I was not even aware of Neroli before buying that, but I was in love. It is still my top favorites when it comes to soaps. A couple of weeks back, I decided to peep into FabIndia – not for bath and body but home and décor. (My life revolves around that these days. Sigh!) I noticed that the packaging is all changed. Thought of picking my favorite charcoal but it is nowhere to be found. Then, I saw this glass tub on Neroli written on it. I could not resist. You see, over the years I have discovered how much I love fresh citrusy scents like Orange, Neroli, and Satsuma. Unfortunately, there aren’t many products with such fragrances. I had to get it. Plus, coffee and sea salt are great for exfoliation with nourishment. How could I miss it?

Ingredients: Good enough to eat - Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Palm Oil, Rice Barn Oil, Coconut Oil, Neroli Flower Extract, Orange Peel Extract, Coffee Bean Extract.

Jun 2, 2017

OPI is Now in India #OverTheTaupe

OPI Over the Taupe Nail Polish in India
OPI Over the Taupe Nail Polish in India

So, this happened last week. I received a call from PR informing that OPI is coming to India and they wish to send one to me. I was elated, but a voice inside me urged me to ask her what shade of nail paint they are sending to me. It was some blue shade. I asked if she had something else. She told me the name of a green shade. Not interested. Yet. I was already feeling ashamed of asking things like this, but I tried for one last time - "Any other shades?"

"We do have a lovely nude type brown shade. You might like it. It is Over the Taupe."

My jaws hit the floor. Is this for real? I have been lusting over this since I first day I saw it. I have been trying to find a dupe of that for as long as I can remember. Just read this post I wrote in 2011, and you will smell how desperate I was - The End of Taupe Search.

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