Feb 2, 2017

Lucas Papaw Ointment

Lucas Papaw Ointment India Review
Lucas Papaw Ointment India Review

There was a time, disheartened by the late launch and unavailability of product, I used to browse eBay.com for hours. It was back when I got to know about Papaw Ointment. Essentially Lucas Papaw is to Australians what Borolin is for Bong. We essentially grow up with the tube and keep one for the just-in-case-scenarios. It was developed by Dr. T P Lucas and later manufactured for retail by his widow. Even after 100 years, it is a family owned business with just 40 people working.

There were two variants at the store – one in a tube and another one in a tub. The sales assistant suggested that I try the tube one as it would be handy and hygienic.

Price: I got mine from Malaysia and all I remember is that I didn’t pay more than Rs 300 for this.

Ingredients: Carica Papaya 39mg/g Fresh Fermented Fruit. Each papaya is handpicked and then fermented. 0.1mg/g of Potassium Sorbate which acts as a preservative. Gum Balsam Peru as a perfume. 

Now, comes the most debated part. The base is Pharmaceutical Grade Petroleum Jelly and Wax. So, 4% papaya concentrate and 96% petroleum jelly. This made me worry but then I found that the following written on their website – “The base used in Lucas' Papaw Ointment meets the purity and safety standards of the United States FDA and the European Pharmacopeia. It is a pharmaceutical grade base that is tested and screened for the level of total polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Penreco USP grade Petrolatums are not mutagenic or toxic to reproduction. Every delivery we receive is certified to confirm its safety and quality.”

It convinced me to try the product. Also, a whole country cannot be wrong about this. On top of that, since it is listed as a therapeutic product, it is periodically audited by the Australian Government to test its claim.

Texture: Petroleum jelly

Packaging: Tomato red tub with a screw-in cap. It is quite sturdy. There are many copycats of this ointment so, check the hologram sticker. It does look old school and I love that about this.

Lucas Papaw Ingredients Petroleum Jelly
Lucas Papaw Ingredients Petroleum Jelly
Papaw Ointment
Papaw Ointment
Lucas Papaw Ointment Australian Skincare
Lucas Papaw Ointment Australian Skincare

Effects: As the petroleum jelly seals and the papaya concentrate heals, you can consider this a boon for dry patches, rough skin, and cuticles. It softens and heals nail folds within hours. (Earlier I used to scrap them off with manicure tools.) As it heals, you do not need to reapply. I am still not very confident so, have rarely used it on my lips. I have to say this because it will be unethical not to praise something that works - it does work great for chapped lips. I am all in all a face oil person so, I don't get dry patches to test this product to the greatest extent possible.

Overall: I got to know about the petroleum jelly only after I looked online about it later when I returned home, I did felt bad about picking it up. But, after reading about them and because they worked, I don't feel bad. I won't say it is must buy because there are alternatives to this which are plant based and this is available at an absurd price by online sellers in India. But, I won't stop you if you wish to try this 100 years old formula.


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