May 31, 2016

Finished in 3 Months

Skincare and Haircare Empties of March, April, and May '16

Since mid of April, my skin was not doing great, and I was not able to use oils of my health concerns. As I was spending most of my time at home (read: staying at home entire day), I decided to pump into life by using my face masks and scrubs. In that process, I finished most of the products that I like in my stash. Few months back I was wondering how I will finish them, and now, I am thinking about which new face pack to try. #CircleOfLife 

Do pour in your suggestions with the face packs that you are currently trying. Your recommendations always help me to decide.

May 30, 2016

Organic Cold Pressed ROSEHIP Seed Oil for Skin

Life Flo Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil for Skin
Life-Flo Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil for Skin

I started using face oils few years back and since then I am always trying something new. I do not think I repurchase most of them because there was always something new to try. But, I never looked at any single oil as a face oil. All the ones I have used were blends of oils and herbs or potent ingredients. But, back in mid-February, a packet arrived at my home with goodies all the way from New Zealand. In that, I discovered Life-Flo Rosehip Seed Oil. I will forever be indebted to Nishu of Lipsnberries for introducing this to me. 

Truth be told, I was not very open to starting using an oil - a single oil to replace my facial oils with complicated formula? Will it work?

May 27, 2016

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water and Vichy Thermal Spa Water

How to Use La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water' and 'Vichy Thermal Spa Water' for Sensitive Skin

In spite of the fact that they were tempting me to a great extent, I always avoided buying the thermal water face mists. What if they are just canned water in a fancy bottle? What can just a spray of water does for my skin? I was trying to know more about them, and they tempted me even more.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water (Rs 550 for 50g) is the what every product of LRP contains - the thermal spring water that contains mineral salts and trace elements. The water is naturally rich in Selenium, which is a powerful natural antioxidant. 

Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Rs 650 for 150g) contains water with 15 beneficial minerals and antioxidants.

Both of the French pharmacy skincare products comes in metal cans, and dispenses in fine mist form which is far more refreshing than most faces spray I have tried. For even better effect, put them in the refrigerator. They are highly refreshing when cold. Both are pure products with zero chemicals or any other nasty ingredients. They contain no fragrance or irritants. They are suitable for sensitive skin and allergy tested.

That said and done, the question remains - Why do I need water in a can just because it contains some minerals?

May 26, 2016

Multitasking Marvel from Vichy

Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser Scrub Mask Review
Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser Scrub Mask Review

First of all, this is not a new product. Vichy launched this Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask long back. At that time, almost every brand was coming up with these multi-tasking products. While the others are done and dusted, Vichy still stands strong. 

May 23, 2016

Trussardi My Name

Trussardi My Name Perfume for Women Review India
Trussardi My Name Perfume for Women Review

While most stick with one fragrance and use it on special occasions, there are some (like me!) who have a handful and one assigned for every occasion. In these years of blogging, I have given away my lipsticks and other makeup products to people who might appreciate it more than me. But, still, I find it tough to part ways with perfume. That clearly explains my love for fragrances. So, I was happy to see a Trussardi perfume because I have never tried any other perfume from this Italian Fashion House.

(I have only tried the sample of Trussardi Donna earlier)

May 20, 2016

Innisfree Jeju Hand Cream || Rose and Gardenia

Innisfree Jeju Rose and Gardenia Hand Cream Review
Innisfree Jeju Rose and Jeju Gardenia Hand Cream Review

I am such not a hand cream person nor I am a person who uses much of creams or lotions. Oils are my poison. But, when I discovered these cuties at Innisfree, I could not say no. There is a variety of hand cream there. I was tempted to pick more but I had already filled my cart with Innisfree goodies. Hence, I picked just two of these - Jeju Rose and Jeju Gardenia.

May 17, 2016

My Envy Box 2016 Tropical Beauty Edition Unboxing and Mini Review

My Envy Box 2016 Tropical Beauty Edition Unboxing, Review

I saw this yellow My Envy Box on their Instagram page and since then I was waiting for it to come. I loved the print - the flowers, the bird, the green leaves and the bright yellow box. The last time I got this happy was their 2nd Anniversary Box. 

I received it yesterday but I wanted to try the products so, that I do could a mini review as well.

May 10, 2016

FabBag May 2016 - Summer Escapade

FabBag May is here! I received it last Thursday. But, one of the product was broken during transit. When I informed FabBag the same, the immediately initiated a replacement order (no questions asked) for the same. I received the replacement on Saturday.

The bag, this time, is different. Instead of the pouch bags, it is a mesh bag. Somehow, I found it hilarious because it reminds of Oleg from Two Broke Girls :P

Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Pack // Gift Box with 5 Products

Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Gift Box with 5 Travel Size Products
Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Gift Box with 5 Travel Size Products Review

Bipha Ayurveda is one of my discovery. I found them at the Ahmedabad Airport (More about Bipha and my haul). Anyhow, I am excited to share about the products because they sound very close to real Ayurveda. Not like those herbal brands who puts one drop of essential oil in a simple chemically loaded formula and start calling to 'Herbal' for tax benefits. Also, they have few unique things that I have never seen before. I could not buy the store, but I did manage to pick a gift box which enabled me to try 5 of their products. This limited edition box is a salute to the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma. There are few boxes like this. I picked the Bipha Ayurveda Rukmini Skin Care Pack because I wanted to try three of the five products. This box was economical than buying the full sizes of the three. Also, this was my first time so; I wanted to play safe.

Price: Rs 1440. All the limited edition boxes are priced the same.

Packaging: The outer box is made of cardboard and similar to the size and dimensions of My Envy Box.  I was introduced to Raja Ravi Verma's paintings when I went to Kerala. I like his style of paintings. In case you wondering, the painting on the box is called 'The Milkmaid'. The bottles were sealed which made them travel-friendly. But, one the seal is off, they can leak or seep which is a kinda breaking deal.

About the products: Here is one thing about Bipha. When they say 'XYZ soap' then be sure that it might not smell like XYZ. It means the product is made from XYZ. As they do not include any fragrance or artificial things, all their products have a soothing herbal aroma. Not that all of them have the same scent. They also make their products gentle.

May 8, 2016

Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum Spray // Mother's Day Special

Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum Spray Review India
Avon Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum Spray Review India

Avon Little Black Dress has been around since 2001. It is so famous that they have an entire bath and body range around it. In fact, every now and then Avon comes with variations of the Little Black Dress like Little White Dress or Little Red Dress and many more but nothing has been as successful as the original. I have noticed the LBD (and the other versions) several times in the Avon brochures. 

But, I never tried it. Never.

Back in 2011, I got another perfume from Avon, which was a limited edition - Midnight Blooming Perfume (don't remember the exact name) for gifting my mom. And now, history repeated itself.

Then last week, a beautiful package arrived a bag with colorful garden floral motifs all over it. The surprise package was from Avon and was intended for my mother as Mother's Day Gift #ThanksAvon. But, I opened it. Inside it was the Little Black Dress. Without giving it a moment's thought, I tried it on myself and I was in love.

May 7, 2016

The Body Shop British Rose Collection

The Body Shop British Rose Review
The Body Shop British Rose Review

This week has been awesome. First, you know that freaking awesome thing that happened in the last episode of Game of Thrones. Not giving away any details in case you have not watched it yet. Also, I love this fast-forward format of Season 6. Season 5 was too slow for my choice.

And then...brace yourself...because British Rose is here! The Body Shop stores are all brimming with the lovely rosy goodies that are here from all the way from England. I have a serious thing going on for roses since last few months, and this is a cherry on the cake.

Packing: The Body Shop has upped their packing in the last few collection. They look much more polished and cleaner now. Confession: There are few things that I wish to repurchase few of their things just because of the new packaging.

Fragrance: The entire British Rose range has a very light feminine rosy scent. The fragrance is a real rose but very light. It will suit those who are extremely sensitive towards fragrances.

Forest Essentials Cologne Intense Madurai Jasmine

Forest Essentials Cologne Intense Madurai Jasmine Review
Forest Essentials Cologne Intense Madurai Jasmine Review

Last year, Forest Essentials came to Kolkata and I shopped a lot from them. A huge Forest Essentials that you need to see to believe. In fact, I also added more things that I purchased after my haul. In the past months, slowly I used them and reviewed them on Sweet And Bitter Blog. Some of their product was impressive, some not impressive enough for the price and few were just not cut out for me. 

But, I forgot to share with you one of the gems of my purchase - Forest Essentials Cologne Intense Madurai Jasmine.

May 6, 2016

Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner

Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater Face Toner Review
Good Earth Amritam Damask  Ruh Gulab Rosewater Face Toner Review

For my love of facial oils, I need rose water. They act a layer between skin and oil and let the oil absorb better without blocking pores or causing acne. I actually need a face mist which can act a mild toner but somehow rose water always tops my list when I need to make a choice. This little darling was on my wish list. When I accidentally bumped into a Good Earth store, I had to pick the Good Earth Amritam Damask Rosewater.

May 5, 2016

Bipha Ayurveda Coconut Hair Wash

Bipha Ayurveda Coconut Hair Wash Review

I recently showed you my Bipha Ayurveda haul. As the first product that I spotted there was this shampoo, it makes sense to review the Coconut Hair Wash first. I started using it after I got my haircut in Delhi and it is about to get over now.

As I mentioned in the haul post, I highly appreciate their ingredients list. Not only is it complete, they have also mentioned the exact composition down to the percentage!

Bipha Ayurveda Haul

Bipha Ayurveda Haul

My self-control bids me goodbye every time I see an Ayurveda brand. So, it was nothing surprising that I got attracted to the Bipha Ayurveda counter at Ahmedabad Airport like a moth to a flame.

I went there and discovered products that I have never seen before. Unfortunately, they were priced high but I could not leave them for later because my week long trip in Ahmedabad was over. I was never returning to this place (this was when I went to Delhi from Ahmedabad and I was not aware that my trip will get extended for another month).

The first thing that I noticed was this shampoo - Coconut Hair Wash. What is so special? The ingredients list. Not only is it complete, they have also mentioned the exact composition down to the percentage!

For someone who is dying to see full ingredients list in natural products and not things like 'Base QS', this is like finding an Easter Egg!

Maybe being a pharma company, they are cautious about the ingredients that go into their products.

Obviously, I picked the shampoo along with other products from Bipha Ayurveda (because the things we do not buy comes and haunt us) and leave behind a lot (for the price factor!).

As I am going to start reviewing them here I thought I will just show you my picks first :)

May 3, 2016

Innisfree Tangerine Blossom Perfumed Body Jelly Mist

Innisfree Tangerine Blossom Perfumed Body Jelly Mist Review

2013: Innisfree come to India. I was in Kolkata. So, I forced Mr. Boy (who was in Delhi that time) to visit the store. He brings me back a huge bird cage filled with Innisfree goodies. Among all the things, one thing won my heart - the Tangerine Blossom products. I loved the fragrance and promised myself to buy them when they make it permanent.

2016: I went to Innisfree, Khan Market, Delhi. My first visit to Innisfree. There I found it sitting pretty on the shelves, the entire Tangerine Blossom range. The color pattern was different but I do not take long to recognize my old love. I found this interesting product - Jelly Mist. 

I said to myself, "Must try new things"

My logical brain said, "Are you seriously buying a perfume without testing its longevity?"'

My romantic heart continued, "But, I love the fragrance!"

Brain, "You have to test!"

Heart, "We both know that we don't have that kind of time in hand. We were supposed to leave 15 minutes back." 


Turns out, I should have listened to my brain.

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