Apr 16, 2016


Unfortunately, I have not been able to post anything here or on any social media for almost a week. Generally, the reason is office work pressure but, it is different this time. 

Last Sunday, I went out for some time. Maybe it was the hot weather or I was tired, I fell down in the bathroom late at night. I could not sleep properly but when I got up, all the pain was gone. But, after lunch on Monday, I started to feel strong pain on my lower back area. It escalated to high fever. I took a sick leave on Tuesday and stayed back in the hotel. I had zero urge to eat so, I got even more weak. The pain was gone and the fever kept on reoccurring. On Wednesday, I finally decided to visit a hospital in Ahmedabad. The doctor was concerned for my health and ordered me to get admitted immediately. As I do not have anyone I know there personally, I said no to the whole idea. They took it from me in writing. This was little scary to be true. Anyways, I gave blood for tests. Also, my travel was booked to Kolkata for Thursday morning. There was no way I could stay any longer without assistance at Ahmedabad. By evening, I got my blood count report and things were not good. No malaria strains but it pointed towards dengue. At 2 AM, we were discussing, it if really is a good idea to travel for 3 hours alone and if I should just get admitted to hospital. Anyways, I got a green signal from a doctor to travel and I reached Kolkata at 9 AM. Since, the time I reached home, I taking rest. The results for typhoid and dengue came negative the same evening (14th). But, yesterday, I felt that something was wrong. Even though the fever was gone, I was still unable to eat anything. Almost every smell was nauseating. In fact, I was throwing up everything I was eating. So, today, I took another blood test and it came back positive for....drum-rolls....jaundice.

So, now, I am on complete bed rest. Even writing this tiny post took me a very long time. I will try to post something when I start feeling a bit better. Now, I all tired and drained...a bit cranky as well :(

Apologies in advance if I am not able to reply to your emails and comments.

Please take care of your health as the heat is troubling this year.


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