Apr 30, 2016

Swarn Krita Cold Process Handmade Soaps

Swarn Krita Cold Process Handmade Soap

Swarn means Gold and Krita means skin. A brand for the golden skin - Swarn Krita. It gives me extreme pleasure to introduce you guys new brands that are run by individuals who wish to bring something new. Something that is good for nature, good for sensitive skin and yet something new.

Apr 29, 2016

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Spa De Nuit

When you get any common illness, everyone around you magically metamorphosises into a doctor. Everyone has an interesting tip and trick to share. It was not new with my jaundice as well. Since the moment I got diagnosed, I have received enough tips to write a book with respectable pages. As usual, I paid no heed to it and made sure that I do not confuse myself further. In spite of turning a deaf ear to all those suggestions, I could not say no to one thing. Someone said, as you should not be eating high cholesterol oily food, better not use oils on your skin as well. But, my entire skincare is built around oils. My first thought was to stop using the rosehip oil I am using currently (review of that coming soon) and start using Just Herbs Elixir. But, a beauty blogger must always work. So, I thought that I should try something new and hence, dug this out from my stash - Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa which is a sleeping mask and a night cream.

Round-up ~ The Body Shop Spa of the World Range

The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Body Scrub, Dead Sea Salt Scrub,
Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay, French Lavender Massage Oil, Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil

The Body Shop Spa of the World collection got me like a hopeless romantic. I loved the products in the range and after a lot of consideration settled for 5 of the products. They could not have come to me at any better time. These were exactly what I needed to relax at the end of the day during my tiring days in Ahmedabad.

  • The Body Shop African Ximenia Body Scrub (review) was already there but they redid the packaging. It has always been one of my favorite.
  • The Body Shop Dead Sea Salt Scrub (review) is something new. I have never tried a dead sea salt scrub before this.

Clay Mask

  • The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay (review)- It is a purifying clay body mask. It has been on my list from day one. Unfortunately, I found one issue with this.


  • The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil (review)- Relaxing massage oil which smells like pure lavender. 
  • The Body Shop Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil (review) - A two in one oil which can be used for the skin as well as hair. I must mention that it smells like a tropical vacation! 

Apr 28, 2016

The Body Shop Spa of the World HIMALAYAN CHARCOAL Body Clay

The Body Shop Spa of the World Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay Purifying Clay Body Mask Review
The Body Shop Spa of the World Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay Purifying Clay Body Mask Review

When I first got to know about the Spa of the World collection, the only product that I wanted to use was this. I hear 'Himalayan' and 'charcoal' in one sentence and I am sold! If you have been reading my blog for long (Thanks, darling!) then you already know about my love for charcoal. On top of that, all the products I have tried from the Spa of the World range has been all song and dance. 

Unfortunately, I have some complaints.

The Body Shop Spa of the World POLYNESIAN MONOI Radiance Oil

The Body Shop Spa of the World POLYNESIAN MONOI Radiance Oil
The Body Shop Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil Review

An oil from The Body Shop Spa of the Wold Collection that can not only be used on skin and also for hair - Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil. Monoi means the blend of coconut oil and fragrant Tiare flowers.

Apr 27, 2016

The Body Shop Spa of the World FRENCH LAVENDER Massage Oil

The Body Shop Spa of the World French Lavender Massage Oil
The Body Shop Spa of the World French Lavender Massage Oil

I cannot emphasize enough about how thankful I am to The Body Shop for coming up with the Spa of the World range. The well though of ingredients makes them great. I reviewed the scrubs already so; let's start with the oils. First, one here is the French Lavender Massage Oil.

Apr 26, 2016

Keeping Up With The Sunnies

Come summers and we run to stock up on sunscreen, after-sun soothing lotions and energy drinks to keep us alive in the scorching sun. But, do you know that not wearing sunglasses can give you crow's feet. Since prevention is better than cure, instead of piling up on anti-wrinkle creams, give your eyes some sun protection by using sunglasses. Especially, when you are spoilt for choices at Lenskart.com

  • Bigger is Better, Bold is Best - Try bigger frames as they cover not only your eyes but areas surrounding your eyes giving more protection from the sun. They are best for a night owl. Need  to hide the dark circles from last night's party in the morning? Just wear a the bigger frames. They cover most your flaws. Also, when you wear the bolder ones, they attract attention majorly to themselves and you do not have to worry about the rest.

JOHN JACOBS Aventura JJ 1457 White Black Tortoise Silver Reflector Mirror C2 Wayfarer Women's Sunglasses

Meet My New Bag ~ Hidesign Chione

I still remember my first Hidesign bag. Way back in 2010, Mr. Boy (now, Mr. Husband) planned a surprise trip to Pondicherry for Christmas. I was way too excited to visit the Hidesign showroom. I went there and picked a red bi-fold wallet. It was love at first sight and I loved it dearly. 

Unfortunately, it was stolen in 2012 but until the last day it was with me, it was good as new. I moved to PU bags after that - fancy styles. I picked a snakeskin print wallet from Nine West after that for a very high price only to be heartbroken by the peeling in four months. In between, I picked many PU bags from various brands (Lavie, Forever New, Forever 21, etc) but, PU bags does not last forever.

Finally, last year I made a decision - no matter how pretty or heart touching a bag looks, I won't buy unless it is made of good quality leather. I am going strong on that pact so far. I am loving the two slings I got from Delhi last year. Later, I picked another one in Kolkata. The one I am loving the most is one bag from Vero Moda. (Sadly, they decided not to do leather bags anymore because they are expensive)

Anyhow, I decided to pick another leather bag this time in Delhi. After all my planning, I settled with Hidesign Chione. I shared the entire story here - How I Met My Namesake.

Apr 25, 2016

FabBag April 2016 ~ It's a Spring Thing

FabBag April 2016 It's a Spring Thing
FabBag April 2016 It's a Spring Thing

Thanks for all your good wishes. I am feeling a bit better now. Still a long way to go but at least today I felt energetic enough to sit for fifteen minutes and write a quick post for you guys. I received this month's FabBag long time back but I could not review it back then. (I am actually feeling bad for the number of the posts pending to be published.)

So, here is what arived in the spring themed 

Apr 17, 2016

My Envy Box April 2016

My Envy Box April 2016
My Envy Box April 2016

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am not doing well health wise. In fact, I am thinking of keeping myself away from the blog and work in general. But, I always keep my life occupied and hence, it got far more boring. 

Anyways, I received this box yesterday, but I saw it today sitting on my book table. I loved the box so much that I could not help but do a quick post.

Apr 16, 2016


Unfortunately, I have not been able to post anything here or on any social media for almost a week. Generally, the reason is office work pressure but, it is different this time. 

Last Sunday, I went out for some time. Maybe it was the hot weather or I was tired, I fell down in the bathroom late at night. I could not sleep properly but when I got up, all the pain was gone. But, after lunch on Monday, I started to feel strong pain on my lower back area. It escalated to high fever. I took a sick leave on Tuesday and stayed back in the hotel. I had zero urge to eat so, I got even more weak. The pain was gone and the fever kept on reoccurring. On Wednesday, I finally decided to visit a hospital in Ahmedabad. The doctor was concerned for my health and ordered me to get admitted immediately. As I do not have anyone I know there personally, I said no to the whole idea. They took it from me in writing. This was little scary to be true. Anyways, I gave blood for tests. Also, my travel was booked to Kolkata for Thursday morning. There was no way I could stay any longer without assistance at Ahmedabad. By evening, I got my blood count report and things were not good. No malaria strains but it pointed towards dengue. At 2 AM, we were discussing, it if really is a good idea to travel for 3 hours alone and if I should just get admitted to hospital. Anyways, I got a green signal from a doctor to travel and I reached Kolkata at 9 AM. Since, the time I reached home, I taking rest. The results for typhoid and dengue came negative the same evening (14th). But, yesterday, I felt that something was wrong. Even though the fever was gone, I was still unable to eat anything. Almost every smell was nauseating. In fact, I was throwing up everything I was eating. So, today, I took another blood test and it came back positive for....drum-rolls....jaundice.

So, now, I am on complete bed rest. Even writing this tiny post took me a very long time. I will try to post something when I start feeling a bit better. Now, I all tired and drained...a bit cranky as well :(

Apologies in advance if I am not able to reply to your emails and comments.

Please take care of your health as the heat is troubling this year.


Apr 11, 2016

Look Fantastic Destination Beauty Box

Look Fantastic Destination Beauty Box 

There are days when you open a much-awaited beauty box only to find products of no worth to you. And then there are days when you get a Look Fantastic box with top brands from the USA, UK and France - bands that have been on your wish-list forever.

Apr 10, 2016

Get the Clean & Clear Skin You Deserve #BeAlwaysReady

Top from Delhi. Silver Earring from Ahmedabad. Nail Polish borrowed from a friend in Nagpur.
Clear Skin from Clean&Clear foaming face wash available EVERYWHERE!

Good skin is a result of years and all the time you put in. But, you need to be steady and keep doing something good every day. In my life, a lot of products and skincare regimes have helped me make my skin better. But, one thing that is worth mentioning is the Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash. I discovered it 10 years back doing my hostel days while doing B.Tech. 

Flashback to 2007: Everyone in the girl's hostel was facing some skin infections – raw red burned type - because of the water there. The doctor-prescribed medicine was leaving being marks for me as it was too harsh for my sensitive skin. So, someone suggested that I should just wash the infected area with Clean & Clear repeatedly. Since it is a Johnson & Johnson product, there was nothing to worry about. Being a student, it was a good option because it was pocket-friendly. The best thing was that it worked. It fought off the infections in just three days and I rarely got them again. 

Apr 8, 2016

The Body Shop Spa of the World DEAD SEA SALT Scrub

The Body Shop Spa of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub
The Body Shop Spa of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub Review

Spa of the World is the most loved range from The Body Shop. I am appreciating the products more because I get a great 'me-time' at the end of every day. I shared about the scrub from the relaxing ritual. Today, I wanted to share about the scrub from the revitalizing ritual - The Body Shop Spa of the World Dead Sea Salt Scrub.

Apr 6, 2016

Delhi Day 6: Makeover at Alaya

Makeover at Alaya Spalon, Saket, Delhi

With just one day left in Delhi and a travel plan involving a bus journey. I want to keep it slow, I had no plans for the day. But, going to Alaya Spa in Saket for a hair makeover was in my wish list. Just to try my luck, I called them. Luckily, they had a slot opened for 2 in the afternoon. I had my lunch at Karnataka Bhawan. I had no idea what are the name of the dishes but the food was great.

Next stop - Saket. After taking the long and crowded road, my cab reached Saket. I have never come to Community Center of Saket. There are many salons there but I made a beeline to Alaya.

Apr 5, 2016

6 Favorite Spring Summer Perfumes

Favorite Spring Summer Perfumes

Perfumes mean a lot to me. A Lot. Without a doubt I buy them. But, this summer, instead of going to the store and pick something new, I wanted to pick something from my stash. I wanted to select the non-fuss simple fragrance.

Many time when I do not like a perfume much on myself, I give it to someone who might appreciate it more than I do. The ones here have been with me for long (other than the FE one) and have passed the test of time.

Sarojini Nagar Haul '16

Top: Jabong, Skirt:Sarojini, Bag: Forever New, Shoes: Ginger, Watch: Fossil
Some of you wished to see what I picked from Sarojini recently. But, most of the things I had were already send to Kolkata. I kept with me things that I could use.

I already did a Sarojini post on what I think one should get. Please read it here and here is what I got

  • Slit skirt with grey and white stripes for Rs 200. The one I am wearing in the picture above is what I got from Sarojini last year. I generally do not buy the same thing in two colors but these are very comfortable so, I decided to break my rule :P

Apr 4, 2016

The Body Shop CHANGE Hemp Hand Protector || Limited Edition

The Body Shop CHANGE Hemp Hand Protector
The Body Shop CHANGE Hemp Hand Protector Review

The Body Shop is known for its support to local community trade and cruelty-free products. Among the famous is the Hemp Oil. In their new campaign 'Enrich, Not Exploit', The Body Shop has introduced a new limited edition packaging of the Hemp Hand Protector. It is designed by renowned street artist EINE. For every Limited Edition Hemp Hand Protector purchased, £1.50 will be donated to protect and enrich the planet, the oceans or animals, and people.

Apr 2, 2016

Majnu-Ka-Tilla, Delhi // Tibetan Refugee Colony

The greatness of a city is through its heterogeneity. The ability of a city to embrace people of every kind, of every background and of every belief. Little sectors in the city with human flourishing from a completely different from the majority. One such place is Majnu-Ta-Tilla. The moment you enter the place you can get the vibes you get in McLeodGanj. Just like McLeodGanj, Majnu-Ta-Tilla is a Tibetan colony. But unlike being in the top of the mountain with cold winds blowing year around, Manju-Ka-Tilla Tibetan colony is in Delhi. Among the hustle and bustle of the busy city, there lies this quaint little place. If you land here directly. there is no way of knowing that you are still in Delhi.

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