Nov 26, 2015

Forest Essentials Advanced SOUNDARYA Age Defying Facial SERUM Review

Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Facial Serum Review
Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Facial Serum Review
By now, I have almost done a Ph.D. on face oils…almost. One of the oil that was on my wish list was Forest Essentials Soundarya. I finally splurged during my wedding because this seemed cheaper than Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi. In fact, I purchased two bottles. Best thing I ever did or worst mistake ever? Read on.

Nov 23, 2015

Himalaya Herbals Premium Skincare Gift Box GIVEAWAY

This big box with 4 variants of new Himalaya premium face creams just landed on my doorsteps. And guess what? You can win one box for yourself! Just follow the few simple steps

Himalaya Herbals has just introduced 4 variants of premium face creams. All of them have smooth texture and are absorbed within seconds without leaving behind any greasiness. Personally, I feel their texture is comparable with the higher priced skincare products from LÓreal. Encased in a glass tub with screw in caps, the products retains their herbal efficiency for long. Each of the creams have specific herbal ingredients for the required cause.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Keep the worry lines away to get younger looking skin. Applied twice daily, Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream has shown a marked reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and age spots while also moisturizing the skin. Aloe Vera and Grapes soften the skin, keeping it supple all day long

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream Using a moisturizer at bedtime is more effective as skin cells regenerate more quickly at night, so that you wake up with softer and more supple skin. Ingredients like White Lily and Tomato work their magic at night by restoring moisture balance, and nourishing and repairing your skin. So don’t forget to apply Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream over a cleansed face before retiring to bed.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream A cream designed to give your skin a radiant glow and a brighter skin tone all day long, Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream is enriched with Licorice and White Dammer, which help fade dark spots, lighten skin tone, reduce mild pigmentation and keep skin moisturized all day. CINNABLOC™ also offers UV protection and prevents premature skin aging.

Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream gently hydrates the skin, giving an oil- free radiant glow! It is a light, gel-textured cream, enriched with special herbs which provide three essential benefits of hydration, skin radiance and quick absorption.

While I am eyeing for the Oil-free gel, my family members have already called dibs for the rest. But, I have another box (still packed as new) just for YOU! Here is how you can win one gift box containing 4 Himalaya Herbals Premium Face Creams...

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Nov 20, 2015

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review
Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Right before my wedding I realized that I was hardly doing anything special for my skin. The Forest Essentials store was new in town and also, I needed to buy products worth 5K to get the pink gift box. So, along with the many other things, I picked a super luxurious face scrub which is made majorly of fruit pulps – Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

Does it works wonders? Does it justify the price tag? 

Nov 19, 2015

My Envy Box November 2015

My Envy Box November 2015
My Envy Box November 2015
I received my Envy Box yesterday. I loved the box with the intricate details. Last month, the 2nd anniversary box was stuffed with amazing deluxe samples. Did they continued with the same? Kept  up with their reputation? Let’s see what is inside

Nov 18, 2015

Sally Hansen TRIPLE SHINE Statemint 260 Swatch and Review

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Statemint Swatch Review
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Statemint Swatch & Review
For quite a long time ( read: since April), I am trying to avoid the purchase of nail paints (expect the reds and pinks I got 3 months back during my wedding). Somehow, nothing seemed great or unique enough. But, I discovered this color standing on the shelves of Sally Hansen counter and I could not say spite of the hefty price tag. Is it worth it?

Nov 12, 2015

Hair Styling Hacks With A Flat Iron

Your flat iron can do a lot more than just straighten your strands! Don’t let the simple look of this versatile tool fool you into believing that it has just one function. Read on to learn how to achieve some classic hairstyles using just a hair straightener. 

Sassy With A Touch Of Classy - Crimping

Crimping is one of those timeless hair trends that will take your look go from boring to ‘wow’. To create a cool crimp all you need to do is grab a small section of your hair and braid it tightly. Repeat this procedure until you’ve finished all sections of your hair. Spray a heat resistant solution on it afterwards. Run your flat iron over your hair without removing it from the braids. Repeat this procedure until all your hair braids have been ironed. Now open the braids and use a volumizing hair spray to ensure that your hair remains crimped. 

Blown By The Hues - Chalking

Do you like to colour your hair often? Why not go for a temporary, cheaper, and more versatile alternative to regular dyes- Chalks. This way, you can colour coordinate your hair with your outfit for a more dramatic look anytime you want. This colouring technique is not a great option when you want to dye a major portion of your hair. But, you can dip-dye or use subtle highlights to accentuate your look in an instant. Saturate your strands with bright hues and use your hair straightener to seal in the new colour. For more vibrant colours, streak your hair with a white pastel before chalking it with a colour of your choice. 

Fine Waves For A Dramatic Entrance - Wavy 

Sexy loose curls aren’t just a hair stylist’s magic trick. You can score this style with your flat iron in minutes. All you need to do is wrap an inch of your hair around your iron, backwards and away from your face. Hold the position for a while before gliding the iron down the entire length. Continue this process on the same strand, by holding your hair in front of you and gliding downwards. Repeat this procedure till you finish all the sections of your hair. And voilà! You’ve got picture perfect waves. Here’s a video guiding you to a no heat loose curls.

Some Intense Bounce - Curling

Packing both your curler and flat iron when you’re travelling is unnecessary if you know a couple of tricks. First, spray your hair with a heat protectant and section your hair into small portions. Clamp your flat iron close to your roots vertically and then twist your iron 180 degrees as you glide down towards the ends slowly. Repeat this procedure till you get tight and bouncy curls. If you want softer curls, hold the iron horizontally and glide it downwards quickly. 

Incorporate these fun styles into your look and attract glances wherever you go. Check out exclusive range of hair straighteners at Rediff online store to get started!



Nov 10, 2015

FabBag November 2015 (With Product of Choice)

FabBag November 2015

Here is another unboxing post of FabBag. Also, like last month, FabBag gave the freedom to choose what we would like to see in out box. 

Nov 7, 2015

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous CLEANSING BUTTER Review

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review
The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review

One fun thing about a blogger’s life is the phases that we go through. For example in the case of makeup remover, bi-phase removers was a significant evolution over the basic creamy ones. I cannot even recall what I used to use before them! I went really big on bi-phase removers. Then I discovered oils, and I still love using them as makeup removes. But, something else was making its presence – Cleansing Balms. I was trying to keep my hands off it because the ones in the Indian market are priced too high compared to the alternative removing techniques that I use. Finally, I gave up my resistance and got The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter simply because they had a Buy 4, 20% off offer. Trust me, they are quite luring. But, I do not repent my decision.

Nov 6, 2015

My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc

My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc
What's Inside my In-Flight Travel Pouch // Skin Care, Makeup, Etc Favorites

Yes, I clicked these pictures during my flight. A blogger is never off duty. LOL. Actually, I wanted to do a post like this because on seeing similar posts online, at times I doubted – “Does anyone actually need so many stuff? Are these even allowed inside flights?” So, here I am with products that I need all the times (or at times) that are allowed inside Indian flights…because you can see them here sitting on my board!

So, here is my 'What's inside my travel bag' blog post -

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Flawless Complexion

Society today has placed a great emphasis on physical attractiveness and perfection. No matter where we look, bombardments of flashy clothes and make-up plow through our vision. Feelings of inadequacy plague our thoughts as we are set against an unreachable standard. No matter what setting we are in, we are always challenged to look better.

One of these big areas is skin complexion. It is almost impossible to have perfect skin because there are so many imperfections and blemishes that can arise without warning. That being said, having a flawless-appearing skin complexion is not impossible. In fact, here are the top ten tips to help you get there.

1- Washing Your Face

This definitely may seem like a very simple thing. But it's the little things that go a long way. To help keep your skin in tip top shape, wash your face on a regular basis. Wash when you take a shower, at night, in the morning, etc. This helps remove all oils from your face, thus getting rid of the possibility of blemishes appearing.

2- Facial Cream

On the note of washing your face, it's always helpful to have some facial cream on hand. Plenty of these products that are specifically designed to improve your complexion are available through online chemist shops.

3- Get a Good Moisturizer

According to, one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to have better complexion is choosing a bad moisturizer. What most people don't know is that one moisturizer won't work for everyone. You need a different product depending on how rough or smooth your skin is naturally. Just find what works for you.

4- A Nice Toner

A good toner can make your skin look younger and more natural, says Not only does a toner improve your complexion, it can also enhance your tone and the texture of your skin.

5- Using Sunscreen

You'd be surprised how much this can actually help your complexion. By using sunscreen (albeit, one that is labeled "broad spectrum"), you not only block harmful UV rays, you also fight back rays that cause premature wrinkles. This will keep your skin looking healthier much longer.

6- Having the Right Diet

You are what you eat! You see, issues in the digestive tract cause many problems with the skin. By eating the right nutrients, and making sure you have plenty of fiber, your skin will naturally become clearer. Stay away from processed and overly oily or fatty foods.

7- Drinking Plenty of Water states that drinking a lot of water is paramount to having clear skin as well. Water is responsible for cleansing your body of all impurities. A total of 15 percent of our skin is made up of water, so by drinking your fair share each day, you can reduce wrinkles almost instantaneously.

8- Handle Your Stress

This is one of the big ones. Stress and lack of sleep does much more harm than good, even on physical appearance. The hormones that come from stress actually result in more oil being produced, which increases acne exponentially. Merely by handling your stress well and getting plenty of rest can you improve on your complexion.

9- Being Physically Active

Physical activity benefits more than just weight and muscle tone. By exercising properly and working out, you also increase blood and oxygen flow to the rest of your body, including the skin. This results in your body being able to expel waste and purify your skin. To a greater extent, working out is also well-known to reduce stress. So just by exercising, you can knock out two birds with one stone.

10- Treating Imperfections Properly

This is probably the biggest issue regarding skin complexion. Because of the embarrassing qualities that having blemishes can induce, people tend to get rid of them in the quickest ways possible, and more often than not, they aren't the best ways. For example, when a pimple arises, the first instinct of many is to pop it. However, this isn't good because it will only cause redness, leave some ugly scars, and push the harmful contents further into the skin, producing more blemishes for you to take care of. Pimples and blemishes only last a few days, but the scars created by "dealing with them" will last you the rest of your life.

Skin care is an important aspect of today's life and culture. Many factors can influence the complexion, texture, and fallacies of your skin. What it comes down to is much more than just getting the best skin care products in India, though you can find most of those products at Big Chemist and other online chemist shops. The importance of having flawless skin also has a lot to do with eating and drinking properly, reducing stress, and exercising in the right amount. Ultimately, if you want good skin, you can work for it.

Nov 2, 2015

8 Maybelline VELVET MATTE Lip Color Swatches + Quick Review

All 8 Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Color Swatches

In recent times, Maybelline has really made me happy with various launches that they did in the Indian market. This entire year was good and I hope to see more in the coming months. And they launched new things like a n*de eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencils and things that were not in the market like these Velvet Mattes. I finally spotted them in Kolkata. Here are the swatches of all the 8 shades of Maybelline Velvet Mattes for you to choose from.

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