Oct 3, 2015

Introducing Herbal Cosmetics MOHA by Charak

Today, I am going to introduce another India-made ayurvedic brand with natural ingredients - Moha. Moha is the herbal cosmetics range by Ayurvedic Pharma company Charak. Charak is an Indian company established in 1947. Moha is a range of products containing herbal actives that are praised in Ayurveda in cream or oil base. Moha's packaging deserves a round of applause for its gorgeous hand-painted illustrations that depicts the ingredients that go into the products. I found that this brand is quite similar to Himalaya, Boutique, etc. but with way better packaging.

Affordable products from Moha are priced between  68 and ₹ 163. This entire kit is for ₹ 905 and available at discounted price of  679 on Charak.com. This can be a great gift for someone. In fact, there is no need for any additional gift packaging because the outer cover is also admirable.
  • Moha Anti Dandruff Oil – ₹ 105/-
  • Moha Herbal Soap – ₹ 68/-
  • Moha Foot Care Cream – ₹ 163/-
  • Moha Nail Care Cream – ₹ 148/-
  • Moha Rose Mist – ₹ 158/-
  • Moha Moisturizing Lotion – ₹ 135/-
  • Moha Massage Oil – ₹ 128/-
Complete Kit for ₹ 905.00 ₹ 679 Buy Here

(You can also purchase the products separately.)

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