May 31, 2015

FabBag May 2015 || Beach Themed Products in Sailor Striped Pouch

FabBag May 2015 || Beach Themed Products in Sailor Striped Pouch

May's FabBag is very simple - 3 products and a bonus one. 

What makes it special is the sailor striped pouch (not exactly navy in color but you get the feel here) and the fact that two of the products are full size.

Let's explore...

May 30, 2015

5 NEW The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick Swatches

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick Swatch

Look at 'em

Just look.

Cute cute cute.

5 new The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick are now available in India. Along with the Poppy-inspired Blusher Brush, Iconic Shimmer Cubes Palettes in two lovely summery color sets. These were supposed to be part of Summer 2015 makeup trend with The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection but the bath and body products  are yet to launch.

Check out the swatch of the 5 new lip and cheek velvet sticks.

May 29, 2015

Giveaway ~ MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick Review

Hi Buttercup!

I am here with another giveaway for you. What up for grabs? 

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick

When this was launched in India, I got two. One for myself and another for you. I know it is a bit late but better late than never. Profits earned from MAC Viva Glam lipsticks goes to charity so, I could not think of anything better. Plus, it is a very wearable color which will suit all skin tone. 

How to win this? Participate by following the instruction in the Rafflecopter widget.

*Giveaway for Indian residents with age above 18 years

May 28, 2015

SLS FREE Shampoo Bar - SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry Review || Perfect for Travel

 SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry SLS Free Solid Shampoo Review

While travelling, have your shampoo ever spilled on your cloths?

A little bit squeezed out and destroyed that cute top that you planned to wear on the beach? 

I always worry about these things while travelling. Hence, I carry liquids (shower gels, shampoos, etc) in tiny bottles. But, it can be tiring at times. While there are trial sizes for shower gels and bath products, there are hardly any for shampoos. There are shampoo sachets in market but none for SLS free shampoos. Then, I discovered this SLS free solid shampoo – SAnd for Soapaholics Make Merry.

I am not travelling without this anymore!

May 27, 2015

First Dabble with Forest Essentials That Led to HUGE HAUL

Forest Essentials Haul

Forest Essentials opened their new store in Kolkata last month. They invited me to visit the store but I could not as I am keeping real busy these days. I mean, I am not even blogging or posting on Instagram! Anyhow, I managed to visit the store last week just to check it out. Frankly speaking, I had my doubts about the brand. The products are priced high, they deny to give samples and the ingredients list is not complete. All that changed when I went to the Kolkata store. I found that the 
  • price is quite justified for the ingredients list
  • most products have a travel size option
  • the SA provided me samples of products that I wanted to try like the Soundarya Serum and others
  • the ingredients list is complete. I didn't see Base QS for anything that interested me
[EDIT - I realised later that though they removed Base QS, most ingredients now say 'Key Ingredients' instead of Íngredients. So, they are still hiding from us!]

All in all, I was so delighted with what I got from my first visit that I re-visited the shop and did a major haul. Most for my wedding trousseau (the lame excuse that I am using these days for my shopaholic tendencies! LOL). 

May 12, 2015

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal, Kaolin, Beeswax Candle, Natural Loofah, Pure Henna and Indigo Online in India

Where to Buy Activated Charcoal, Kaolin, Beeswax Candle, Natural Loofah, Pure Henna and Indigo Online in India
For everyone who likes to create their own skincare products, the biggest challenge is from where they can source the best and pure raw ingredients. Along with that, there are few things that people who are fan of natural products wish to try which are not easily available. In this post, I solve the same problems.

Read more to know more about the raw natural products, their usage and from where you can get them

May 1, 2015

SaND for Soapaholics NAMAK HALAL Epsom Salt Body Scrub Review

SaND for Soapaholics Namak Halal Review

Today, I am going to introduce a new brand - SaND for Soapaholics. They manufactures a range of products like fresh face masks, bar soaps, shampoo bars and many other bath and body products. All their products are made of simple yet effective natural ingredients. In simple terms, you can call them the LUSH of India. Since, LUSH has closed operations in India, I am really happy to discover them. In fact, the person behind LUSH in India is the one who is operating this brand. Ta da! 

Today, I will reviewing about SaND for Soapaholics salt body scrub - Namak Halal 

All Good Scents Tender EDT Review

All Good Scents Tender EDT Review
All Good Scents Tender EDT Review

When I first sniffed this All Good Scents Tender, I thought that I found the possible dupe of one of my favorite designer perfume. When I compared the notes of this with my favorite designer perfume, then I could see that it was almost the same! 

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