Dec 31, 2015

Last Empties of 2015 ~ Feat. SIX Months

I have been doing empties post since June 2013, and I made sure to put it up around the end of every month. Interestingly, since my wedding, I am always traveling around the end of the month. So, every month end, the lazy me decides - "I will post it next month combined." Finally, today being the last day of the year, I had to post this. The bag which hangs behind was bedroom doors (which houses all the empty bottles and tubes until I feature them on the blog) was busting out. It is now or never! So, here are all I finished in last SIX months! Also, this is not the complete list. Having two homes now, it is not possible to keep track of all your empty bottles. Here is what I have in record :)

Dec 30, 2015

Forest Essentials SILKENING SHOWER WASH Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review

Forest Essentials SILKENING SHOWER WASH Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review
Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Wash Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review

Yesterday, I shared my love for the Madurai Jasmine & Mogra range of Forest Essentials. And to add to that love here is another product - Forest Essentials Silkening Shower Gel. The same sensual fragrance of Madurai Jasmine & Mogra in thick shower gel.  

Dec 29, 2015

Forest Essentials BATH and SHOWER OIL Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review

Forest Essentials BATH and SHOWER OIL Madurai Jasmine and Mogra Review

One of the first product that I tried and loved dearly is the bath and shower oil from Forest Essentials. The Madurai Jasmine and Morga variant is my favorite. I first for the trial size but it loved it dearly so picked the full size. It is perfect. I just have one small problem with this.

Dec 28, 2015

The Body Shop OILS OF LIFE Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil Review || One Month Analysis

The Body Shop OILS OF LIFE Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil Review
The Body Shop OILS OF LIFE Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil Review
Last month, The Body Shop swept everyone away with the delightful launch of Oils Of Life range. With well thought of ingredients that are best in class and claiming to be 99% oils of natural origin, the product was calling my name. The range has 3 products in India. I choose to try the oil. Here is my review after more than a month’s use. 

Dec 27, 2015

Something New and Something Old from FABINDIA

FabIndia Sulphate Free Shampoo Shower Gel Soap Henna Haul

Last week while randomly roaming around the mall, I went to The Body Shop and Kama Ayurveda to check if there was anything new to try. The Body Shop had nothing new to offer. The winter range has only Glazed Apple and Cranberry. They could not bring the much anticipated Frosted Plum in India because of some registration issues. I personally miss the old Vanilla. I am rationing the use of the Ginger Sparkle that I got previously. In Kama Ayurveda store, I saw an orange colored soap whose fragrance reminded me of something - FabIndia Orange Neroli. I had to visit FabIndia to pick it up. It was my first ever product from FabIndia back in Summer 2010. Back then, I also tried some of their skincare but those didn't work much for me. But, last year, I fall head over heels in love with FabIndia Charcoal Scrub and recently I loved one of their face pack (reviewing soon). So, I thought of trying some new products as well

Dec 22, 2015

My Envy Box December 2015

My Envy Box December 2015

This month's My Envy Box is a mixed bag of emotions. While they ensure that the worth of the products is more than that of the products but some of the products themselves failed to wow. After November’s My Envy Box which was less than average, I was expecting the Christmas Special Box to be blast. Let's peep inside...

Dec 16, 2015

Faces ULTIME PRO Matte and Starry MATTE Lip Crayon Review

Faces Ultime Pro Matte and Starry Matte Lip Crayon || Really Rust and Sugar Coated || Review, Swatches, Price in India

A few weeks back, I got to know about the new launch - Faces matte lip crayons. While the market is full of them, I was intrigued to try these because I have never tried many products from Faces. 

About Faces Lip Crayons – I thought they were all the same, but later I came to know that there are two ranges – Matte (pure powdery matte formula) and Starry Matte (with shimmers). I have one from each. Really Rust is a matte lip crayon and Sugar Coated is starry matte. 

Packaging – Fat crayon that needs to be sharpened. The crayons are color coded and hence easy to spot in your vanity. The cap is plastic, and I am afraid that it might break soon. Also, the transparent cap gets stained from the color many times and needs to be cleaned. 

Price – Rs 799. Sharpener comes free.

Dec 14, 2015

Forest Essentials SUGARED ROSE PETAL Lip Balm Review

Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm Review
Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm Review
Recently, I got the chance to use some wonderful rose beauty products. So, I was happy to try Forest Essentials Sugared Rose Petal Lip Balm. Actually, I had it since FE opened its store in Kolkata but I never got the chance to use it until last month.

Dec 12, 2015

Kolkata HANDICRAFT Fair Haul

Kolkata Handicraft Exhibition Buys

One great thing about Kolkata winters are the back to back handicraft and trade fairs. I make a point to visit them. One of my favorite fair happens at Milan Mela Grounds opposite Science City. As I was out of town and travelling a lot for the last month so, I somehow squeezed some time out for the fair two days back. 

What is so special? There are 3500 artists from various communities having array of skills who participated and displayed their work. Also, the artists themselves sell it to you. So, you get the best deal and the artist earns more than what they does when the handworks goes through the middleman. In the end, you are doing something to encourage the artist community who puts their day’s work into these handmade products. Also, personally, I have a weak spot for handmade artifacts and handloom items.

Dec 11, 2015

Unboxing: Look Fantastic No 2 November BEAUTY BOX

I have never in my life tried international beauty box so you can imagine my excitement when I got to try Look Fantastic Beauty Box. I do not follow much of global brands because they are hard to get in India. I was not sure what to feel when I opened the box. So, I googled about the products, and each of them wowed me. Each of them has received fantastic reviews and are praised by all. 

Dec 7, 2015

FabBag December 2015 || Party All Night + GIVEAWAY

FabBag December 2015 || Party All Night

FabBag is early this month just like December itself. I still cannot belief that the year is about to end! I can promise that it was May few days back! I received it on Saturday when I was not at home. This month’s FabBag is filled with goodies that makes it worth it much more than it’s price. Let’s see what all I received

Dec 4, 2015

FabIndia PERFUME OIL Roll-On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang

FabIndia Perfume Oil Roll On Review // WIld Rose and Ylang Ylang

Perfumes are very important for me. So, I make sure to carry them with me all the time. But, I cannot risk losing or breaking the beautiful glass bottles of designer perfumes. The best bet here are perfume oils. There are not too many options in the Indian market. For a long time The Body Shop Night Jasmine used to travel me all around. In the last few months, it got replaced with FabIndia perfumes oils.

Dec 3, 2015

4 SUGAR Cosmetics MATTE AS HELL Crayon Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Price

4 SUGAR Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick Review, Swatches, Price

I first discovered Sugar Cosmetics when I found their wonderful eyeliner in FabBag. They are wonderful. I recently got my hands on their Matte As Hell Crayon Lipsticks and I am using nothing but these. Their pure matte formula, long staying power and one swipe pigmentation won my heart.

Sugar Cosmetics Hell Crayon lipsticks are available in 4 fabulous colors. They are highly pigmented and shows color in just one swipe. They transform into a powder matte formula on lips which is comfortable and stays long. Because of the formula, you can tone down or wear the color to full pigmentation.

Nov 26, 2015

Forest Essentials Advanced SOUNDARYA Age Defying Facial SERUM Review

Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Facial Serum Review
Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age Defying Facial Serum Review
By now, I have almost done a Ph.D. on face oils…almost. One of the oil that was on my wish list was Forest Essentials Soundarya. I finally splurged during my wedding because this seemed cheaper than Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi. In fact, I purchased two bottles. Best thing I ever did or worst mistake ever? Read on.

Nov 23, 2015

Himalaya Herbals Premium Skincare Gift Box GIVEAWAY

This big box with 4 variants of new Himalaya premium face creams just landed on my doorsteps. And guess what? You can win one box for yourself! Just follow the few simple steps

Himalaya Herbals has just introduced 4 variants of premium face creams. All of them have smooth texture and are absorbed within seconds without leaving behind any greasiness. Personally, I feel their texture is comparable with the higher priced skincare products from LÓreal. Encased in a glass tub with screw in caps, the products retains their herbal efficiency for long. Each of the creams have specific herbal ingredients for the required cause.

Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Keep the worry lines away to get younger looking skin. Applied twice daily, Himalaya Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Cream has shown a marked reduction in wrinkles, fine lines and age spots while also moisturizing the skin. Aloe Vera and Grapes soften the skin, keeping it supple all day long

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream Using a moisturizer at bedtime is more effective as skin cells regenerate more quickly at night, so that you wake up with softer and more supple skin. Ingredients like White Lily and Tomato work their magic at night by restoring moisture balance, and nourishing and repairing your skin. So don’t forget to apply Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream over a cleansed face before retiring to bed.

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream A cream designed to give your skin a radiant glow and a brighter skin tone all day long, Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream is enriched with Licorice and White Dammer, which help fade dark spots, lighten skin tone, reduce mild pigmentation and keep skin moisturized all day. CINNABLOC™ also offers UV protection and prevents premature skin aging.

Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream gently hydrates the skin, giving an oil- free radiant glow! It is a light, gel-textured cream, enriched with special herbs which provide three essential benefits of hydration, skin radiance and quick absorption.

While I am eyeing for the Oil-free gel, my family members have already called dibs for the rest. But, I have another box (still packed as new) just for YOU! Here is how you can win one gift box containing 4 Himalaya Herbals Premium Face Creams...

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Nov 20, 2015

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review
Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic FRUIT FACIAL ORGANIC Review

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Right before my wedding I realized that I was hardly doing anything special for my skin. The Forest Essentials store was new in town and also, I needed to buy products worth 5K to get the pink gift box. So, along with the many other things, I picked a super luxurious face scrub which is made majorly of fruit pulps – Forest Essentials Facial Scrub Hand Pounded Organic Fruit

Does it works wonders? Does it justify the price tag? 

Nov 19, 2015

My Envy Box November 2015

My Envy Box November 2015
My Envy Box November 2015
I received my Envy Box yesterday. I loved the box with the intricate details. Last month, the 2nd anniversary box was stuffed with amazing deluxe samples. Did they continued with the same? Kept  up with their reputation? Let’s see what is inside

Nov 18, 2015

Sally Hansen TRIPLE SHINE Statemint 260 Swatch and Review

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Statemint Swatch Review
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Statemint Swatch & Review
For quite a long time ( read: since April), I am trying to avoid the purchase of nail paints (expect the reds and pinks I got 3 months back during my wedding). Somehow, nothing seemed great or unique enough. But, I discovered this color standing on the shelves of Sally Hansen counter and I could not say spite of the hefty price tag. Is it worth it?

Nov 12, 2015

Hair Styling Hacks With A Flat Iron

Your flat iron can do a lot more than just straighten your strands! Don’t let the simple look of this versatile tool fool you into believing that it has just one function. Read on to learn how to achieve some classic hairstyles using just a hair straightener. 

Sassy With A Touch Of Classy - Crimping

Crimping is one of those timeless hair trends that will take your look go from boring to ‘wow’. To create a cool crimp all you need to do is grab a small section of your hair and braid it tightly. Repeat this procedure until you’ve finished all sections of your hair. Spray a heat resistant solution on it afterwards. Run your flat iron over your hair without removing it from the braids. Repeat this procedure until all your hair braids have been ironed. Now open the braids and use a volumizing hair spray to ensure that your hair remains crimped. 

Blown By The Hues - Chalking

Do you like to colour your hair often? Why not go for a temporary, cheaper, and more versatile alternative to regular dyes- Chalks. This way, you can colour coordinate your hair with your outfit for a more dramatic look anytime you want. This colouring technique is not a great option when you want to dye a major portion of your hair. But, you can dip-dye or use subtle highlights to accentuate your look in an instant. Saturate your strands with bright hues and use your hair straightener to seal in the new colour. For more vibrant colours, streak your hair with a white pastel before chalking it with a colour of your choice. 

Fine Waves For A Dramatic Entrance - Wavy 

Sexy loose curls aren’t just a hair stylist’s magic trick. You can score this style with your flat iron in minutes. All you need to do is wrap an inch of your hair around your iron, backwards and away from your face. Hold the position for a while before gliding the iron down the entire length. Continue this process on the same strand, by holding your hair in front of you and gliding downwards. Repeat this procedure till you finish all the sections of your hair. And voilà! You’ve got picture perfect waves. Here’s a video guiding you to a no heat loose curls.

Some Intense Bounce - Curling

Packing both your curler and flat iron when you’re travelling is unnecessary if you know a couple of tricks. First, spray your hair with a heat protectant and section your hair into small portions. Clamp your flat iron close to your roots vertically and then twist your iron 180 degrees as you glide down towards the ends slowly. Repeat this procedure till you get tight and bouncy curls. If you want softer curls, hold the iron horizontally and glide it downwards quickly. 

Incorporate these fun styles into your look and attract glances wherever you go. Check out exclusive range of hair straighteners at Rediff online store to get started!



Nov 10, 2015

FabBag November 2015 (With Product of Choice)

FabBag November 2015

Here is another unboxing post of FabBag. Also, like last month, FabBag gave the freedom to choose what we would like to see in out box. 

Nov 7, 2015

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous CLEANSING BUTTER Review

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review
The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter Review

One fun thing about a blogger’s life is the phases that we go through. For example in the case of makeup remover, bi-phase removers was a significant evolution over the basic creamy ones. I cannot even recall what I used to use before them! I went really big on bi-phase removers. Then I discovered oils, and I still love using them as makeup removes. But, something else was making its presence – Cleansing Balms. I was trying to keep my hands off it because the ones in the Indian market are priced too high compared to the alternative removing techniques that I use. Finally, I gave up my resistance and got The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter simply because they had a Buy 4, 20% off offer. Trust me, they are quite luring. But, I do not repent my decision.

Nov 6, 2015

My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc

My In-Flight Essentials || Skincare, Makeup, Etc
What's Inside my In-Flight Travel Pouch // Skin Care, Makeup, Etc Favorites

Yes, I clicked these pictures during my flight. A blogger is never off duty. LOL. Actually, I wanted to do a post like this because on seeing similar posts online, at times I doubted – “Does anyone actually need so many stuff? Are these even allowed inside flights?” So, here I am with products that I need all the times (or at times) that are allowed inside Indian flights…because you can see them here sitting on my board!

So, here is my 'What's inside my travel bag' blog post -

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Flawless Complexion

Society today has placed a great emphasis on physical attractiveness and perfection. No matter where we look, bombardments of flashy clothes and make-up plow through our vision. Feelings of inadequacy plague our thoughts as we are set against an unreachable standard. No matter what setting we are in, we are always challenged to look better.

One of these big areas is skin complexion. It is almost impossible to have perfect skin because there are so many imperfections and blemishes that can arise without warning. That being said, having a flawless-appearing skin complexion is not impossible. In fact, here are the top ten tips to help you get there.

1- Washing Your Face

This definitely may seem like a very simple thing. But it's the little things that go a long way. To help keep your skin in tip top shape, wash your face on a regular basis. Wash when you take a shower, at night, in the morning, etc. This helps remove all oils from your face, thus getting rid of the possibility of blemishes appearing.

2- Facial Cream

On the note of washing your face, it's always helpful to have some facial cream on hand. Plenty of these products that are specifically designed to improve your complexion are available through online chemist shops.

3- Get a Good Moisturizer

According to, one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to have better complexion is choosing a bad moisturizer. What most people don't know is that one moisturizer won't work for everyone. You need a different product depending on how rough or smooth your skin is naturally. Just find what works for you.

4- A Nice Toner

A good toner can make your skin look younger and more natural, says Not only does a toner improve your complexion, it can also enhance your tone and the texture of your skin.

5- Using Sunscreen

You'd be surprised how much this can actually help your complexion. By using sunscreen (albeit, one that is labeled "broad spectrum"), you not only block harmful UV rays, you also fight back rays that cause premature wrinkles. This will keep your skin looking healthier much longer.

6- Having the Right Diet

You are what you eat! You see, issues in the digestive tract cause many problems with the skin. By eating the right nutrients, and making sure you have plenty of fiber, your skin will naturally become clearer. Stay away from processed and overly oily or fatty foods.

7- Drinking Plenty of Water states that drinking a lot of water is paramount to having clear skin as well. Water is responsible for cleansing your body of all impurities. A total of 15 percent of our skin is made up of water, so by drinking your fair share each day, you can reduce wrinkles almost instantaneously.

8- Handle Your Stress

This is one of the big ones. Stress and lack of sleep does much more harm than good, even on physical appearance. The hormones that come from stress actually result in more oil being produced, which increases acne exponentially. Merely by handling your stress well and getting plenty of rest can you improve on your complexion.

9- Being Physically Active

Physical activity benefits more than just weight and muscle tone. By exercising properly and working out, you also increase blood and oxygen flow to the rest of your body, including the skin. This results in your body being able to expel waste and purify your skin. To a greater extent, working out is also well-known to reduce stress. So just by exercising, you can knock out two birds with one stone.

10- Treating Imperfections Properly

This is probably the biggest issue regarding skin complexion. Because of the embarrassing qualities that having blemishes can induce, people tend to get rid of them in the quickest ways possible, and more often than not, they aren't the best ways. For example, when a pimple arises, the first instinct of many is to pop it. However, this isn't good because it will only cause redness, leave some ugly scars, and push the harmful contents further into the skin, producing more blemishes for you to take care of. Pimples and blemishes only last a few days, but the scars created by "dealing with them" will last you the rest of your life.

Skin care is an important aspect of today's life and culture. Many factors can influence the complexion, texture, and fallacies of your skin. What it comes down to is much more than just getting the best skin care products in India, though you can find most of those products at Big Chemist and other online chemist shops. The importance of having flawless skin also has a lot to do with eating and drinking properly, reducing stress, and exercising in the right amount. Ultimately, if you want good skin, you can work for it.

Nov 2, 2015

8 Maybelline VELVET MATTE Lip Color Swatches + Quick Review

All 8 Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Color Swatches

In recent times, Maybelline has really made me happy with various launches that they did in the Indian market. This entire year was good and I hope to see more in the coming months. And they launched new things like a n*de eyeshadow palette, eyebrow pencils and things that were not in the market like these Velvet Mattes. I finally spotted them in Kolkata. Here are the swatches of all the 8 shades of Maybelline Velvet Mattes for you to choose from.

Oct 29, 2015

My Envy Box October 2nd Anniversary Edition

My Envy Box October 2nd Anniversary Edition

This month, My Envy Box impressed me more than any other box ever did. This 2 year anniversary special box by Envy Box is stuffed with big travel size products from famous International brands like Kerastase, L'Occitane and Givenchy. It deserves nothing but love.

Oct 26, 2015

Makeup Genius by L’Oréal Paris

When it comes to trying out new makeup, it can be pretty difficult for those with different complexions to figure out what products and styles to try. After all, the beauty industry has only begun to cater to a wider range of skin tones quite recently. While the number of beauty blogs that try to help others figure out the best look have increased – with Euromonitor International even saying that these beauty blogs have helped spur the digital commerce industry – it can still be difficult to imagine yourself wearing the same looks as those beauty bloggers you admire.

Thankfully, the continued development of the mobile industry seems to have brought us the solution through a fun app that isn’t just easy to use, but actually quite informative as well. According to the developers of mobile casino aggregator Free Casino Hunter, growth in mobile internet is one of the strongest trends on the internet landscape to date, and this has resulted in thousands of mobile apps being released, catering to just about every niche. While some “beauty experts” have taken to creating apps that have tutorials – as Kylie Jenner has recently launched her own app with step-by-step tutorials – there is one app that takes the difficulty away from picking products and styles: Makeup Genius by L'Oreal USA.

Whether you follow modern technology or not, chances are that you’ve already heard of augmented reality: technology that alters the way we see the world around us through cameras and special effects. Makeup Genius makes use of augmented reality in a way that helps anyone who wants to understand what makeup looks best on them, by allowing users to select looks from a catalog, and see these looks and products applied to their face in real-time.


The app even lets you scan barcodes and try the product on before you actually buy it – a great feature to have for those who have experienced buying makeup that was the wrong shade, or that just wouldn’t work with anything else in their makeup kit.

 Makeup Genius is available for free on both the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

Oct 16, 2015

FabBag October // Get Set to Celebrate

FabBag October Festive Pink Red Fabric Cloth Pouch With Loop Button
FabBag October Get Set to Celebrate

This month, the FabBag is special for two reasons. One – they asked us to choose which makeup product you need in your bag. So, instead of getting a random BB which does not match my skin color or something that I might already have, I choose what I wanted. Second – the bag is a cloth pouch made of jewel tone fabrics in red and pink. This has to be the best one yet.

Oct 12, 2015

Forest Essentials Facial UBTAN Narangi and Nagkesar Review

Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar Review
Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar Review
Forest Essentials products are not the cheapest brand in the market, and you just cannot pick everything from there. Unfortunately, I had to pick few things randomly when I had to reach the bill to Rs 5K to get the pink gift box. Luckily, this Narangi & Nagkesar Facial Ubtan turned out to be a multi-action product.

Oct 7, 2015

Epique Oil Free Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes

Epique Oil Free Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes Review
Epique Oil-Free Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes Review

My life depends on wipes. I buy them in smaller packets for travel and bigger for home and have backups to make sure that I am never out of them. At times, I even have enough of them to make forts using them. Just kidding. I use them for everything that makes sense to many things that don't. But, one thing that I never used wipes is to remove makeup, and that is because every single one of them…no matter how promising…have failed. When Epique asked to choose something from their range, I decided to give the Epique Oil Free and Makeup Remover Wipes a try. And it then everything changed.

Oct 6, 2015

Himalaya Herbals Haul 2

Himalaya Herbals Haul India

A week back, I discovered a stand alone store of Himalaya Herbals in my city. I decided to give it a casual innocent peek in. But, there is nothing innocent left when it comes to hoarding. Is it? Picked few things that I needed and few things just like that because Himalaya is trustworthy + affordable.

Oct 5, 2015

Imli Street Jasmine Mint Massage Oil Review

Imli Street Jasmine Mint Massage Oil Review India
Imli Street Jasmine Mint Massage Oil Review

These days, there is one activity that I look forward to at the end of each day - those seven minutes in heaven while I use Imli Street massage oil after my night shower. To think of, it is more than seven minutes because the fragrance lingers till morning. Interestingly, it is much more than a massage oil. 

Oct 3, 2015

Introducing Herbal Cosmetics MOHA by Charak

Today, I am going to introduce another India-made ayurvedic brand with natural ingredients - Moha. Moha is the herbal cosmetics range by Ayurvedic Pharma company Charak. Charak is an Indian company established in 1947. Moha is a range of products containing herbal actives that are praised in Ayurveda in cream or oil base. Moha's packaging deserves a round of applause for its gorgeous hand-painted illustrations that depicts the ingredients that go into the products. I found that this brand is quite similar to Himalaya, Boutique, etc. but with way better packaging.

Sep 24, 2015

Forest Essentials SOUNDARYA Beauty Body Oil with 24 Karat Gold Review

Forest Essentials Soundarya Beauty Body Oil with 24 Karat Gold Ayurveda Review
Forest Essentials Soundarya Beauty Body Oil with 24 Karat Gold Luxurious Ayurveda Review

Back in May, my wedding preparations were driving me crazy. My skin got tanned because of all the rounds under summer sun because of skipped sunscreen #Gulty. I realized that I needed to do something special. Forest Essentials newly opened their store in Kolkata so, in my huge Forest Essentials haul, I picked the Soundarya Beauty Body Oil. Wedding is a special time for a girl, but the only thing that I did specially for my skin and body was to get this. Did it work for my skin? Continue reading…

Sep 21, 2015

A Note on SaND for Soapaholics Soaps

SaND for Soapaholics Soap Review

After I talked about my growing love for soaps in my recent post, I realized that I missed on sharing some true gems with you. SaND for Soapaholics is like the reincarnation of Lush in India and produces many amazing products (their solid shampoo is a must-try). In those amazing products, there are number of soaps (as their brand name suggests!). I tried their soaps around my wedding and completely forget to share about them. Here is a note on their amazing range of soaps.

Sep 19, 2015

My Envy Box September 2015

My Envy Box Beauty Box September 2015

September edition of My Envy Box is here. This time, the box contains 4 products and that includes a bath product, a skin care item, perfume and a full-size lipstick! Let's see what all I got...

Sep 17, 2015

Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review

Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review
Imli Street WILD ROSE with Loofah Bathing Bar Review

Soaps have never been my weak point. Bath products are. Shower gel is my drug. But, slowly they are replaced by soaps because of the presence of great handmade soaps and unique soaps in the market. Few days back I got to try the Imli Street Wild Rose with Loofah Bathing Bar, and there is no turning back. You ask what is so great about a bar of soap? Continue Reading. 

Price - Rs 160 for 125g

Even before I opened my package from Imli Street, I could smell the roses. I was sure they send everything with roses. But, then I discovered that only the soap was of wild rose variants. This soap is entirely different from the other rose products that I have tried till date. The closest to this is something from FabIndia. The fragrance of roses captures me and takes to my childhood home with roses blooming almost year round. Apparently, I never loved that smell much back them, but there is something about nostalgia that you cannot beat.

Sep 15, 2015

Forest Essentials Delicate FACIAL CLEANSER Review (2 Variants)

Forest Essentials Delicate FACIAL CLEANSER Review ~ Mashobra Wild Honey, Lemon and Rosewater & Kashmiri Saffron and Neem
Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleansers ~ Mashobra Wild Honey, Lemon and Rosewater
& Kashmiri Saffron and Neem ~ Review, Price in India
One great thing about Forest Essentials is that they provide travel size options for most of their products. This is a better way to judge if their products are worth the whopping high rates they charge for the full sizes and also a provide a good option for travel.

I tried the Forest Essentials Mashobra Wild Honey, Lemon and Rosewater first. I loved how it works for my skin and hence got another variant from them - Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem to try. These have to be the most delicate face washes I have tried till date.

Price – Rs 275 for 50ml

Sep 11, 2015

Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty ELIXIR Facial Serum with Gotukola Indian Ginseng Review

Just Herbs Rejuvenating Beauty ELIXIR Facial Serum with Gotukola Indian Ginseng Review

Just Herbs is one of those natural skincare brands on whom I have faith. They use great ingredients, comply with international standards and yet affordable. They have worked for my skin well. Few months back, Just Herbs asked me to provide them feedback on a product that was yet to launched in the market. (And they told me to keep it a secret so, I was not sure when I will be able to publish the review.) The newly created Elixir contained Indian Ginseng. They created this for a professional salon but ended up loving it so much that they started to think of retailing the same. They obviously got a BIG YES from me. 

Sep 10, 2015

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review || Budget Dupe

Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review
Moroccan Oil Treatment (Alcohol-Free) Review || Budget Dupe

Moroccan Oil is one lust-worthy brand that everyone wants to try. There are rave reviews about the Moroccan Oil Treatment and there are also some who questions if it is worth the price. Anyways, I always wanted to try it and mainly because of the blue packaging with the orange M. This June, I got to try it their products in a recent event at Head Turners. I came back from the stylists the shampoo and the treatment oil (skipped on conditioner because I do not use conditioners). 

How was the experience? I was happy with the results of the spa. So, started with the shampoo and treatment immediately. My hair felt lot less frizzier. But, after 2 weeks, I started to see hair fall - hair fall at an alarming rate. As my wedding date was nearby, stress was also taking its toll. I played safe and I switched back to my SLS free shampoo (TBS rainforest). I kept the shampoo back at home and got the treatment with me after my wedding. When I started using it here after a week of my wedding, my hair loved it. But, again, within 2 weeks, my hair started to fall. 

Why so much hair fall? I inspected the ingredients. The treatment contains less than 10% Argan Oil. In fact, it contains more fragrance than Argan Oil. The majority is silicons which are the big molecules that help to deliver the active ingredients. In that process, it saves hair from fizz and dryness. So, when used for first time, my hair loved it. As the product started to build up, my hair got covered in them, devoid of nutrients they started to fall. As I do not use SLS shampoo, the product build on. 

Silicons just coats your hair and make it impregnable for other beneficial oils and essential ingredients. Hence, they makes the hair shaft weaker from within as the cuticles do not receive any goodness from the good products. Silicons do save hair from heat and pollution. So, if you use a clarifying shampoo maybe you are good. But, I do not wish to get into the cycle of sulfate shampoo and silicon conditioners.

Sep 8, 2015

FabBag September 2015 // 3rd Anniversary Special

FabBag September 2015 // 3rd Anniversary Special

This month, FabBag just broke all boundaries and crossed all my expectations. This month, without a doubt, is a true celebration of FabBag's three years in Indian market. Products worth more than Rs 1800 squeezed into a bag priced at Rs 699. Plus, the pouch is one of the best I have seen so far in terms of quality and design. 

Sep 5, 2015

12 Maybelline Color Show CREAMY MATTE Lipcolor Swatches

12 Maybelline Color Show CREAMY MATTE Lipcolor Swatches

When Maybelline launched their Color Show nail paints, I went crazy and purchased more than 16 of them (no regrets!) I also went gaga when they launched the Go Graffiti collection. But, when I saw the ColorShow lipsticks, I was not convinced. Maybe I need to discover better shades which missed my eyes.

Last week, I was looking for new products (I was in Kolkata that time) and I discover the new creamy matte edition of Maybelline ColorShow. How can I say no to matte lip color? Especially when they launched some unique colors at an affordable price (Rs 325). I picked 6 in total and broke two while taking pictures :(

I wanted to share the swatches with you so that you can pick something that catches your fancy.

Sep 3, 2015

Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter NARGIS Review

Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter Nargis Review
Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter Nargis Review
Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter Nargis has to be the most-unique bath product that I tried in recent times. It is one those mysterious products that intrigued me. It really took me some time to get the hang of the same. But, now, I have demystified this.

Sep 2, 2015

The Body Shop Fuji GREEN TEA Range Review

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel Body Butter Scrub Soap Review India
The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Wash, Body Butter, Body Scrub & Exfoliating Soap Review India
The Body Shop has recently launched a new range of bath products and this time it is neither a fruit nor a flower. It is Fuji Green Tea. Interesting isn’t it? When talking about green tea, my mind instantly connects with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. But, TBS Fuji Green Tea is comparatively tad sharper and sweeter than EA Green Tea. It is highly refreshing. 

The packing is revamped and different from the other range for the scrub and soap. The range consists of Body Wash, Exfoliating Soap, Body Scrub, Body Sorbet, Body Butter, Body Lotion and EDT. I picked 4 out of the seven products.

Sep 1, 2015

Cast A Spell // FabBag August

This August, FabBag was inspired by fairy tales and the theme is 'Çast A Spell'. This was one of those boxes which were sent out in the beginning of the month but because of change of address etc, I am probably the last on to receive it. I should have been more careful and updated my address earlier. Never the less, I finally have the much talked about 'Pink Pouch'.

Read more to see what products that are part of this pink pouch...

Aug 30, 2015

My Envy Box August // India Mon Amour Review

My Envy Box is famous for the presence of products of International brands. But, this August, there was a twist – all Indian brands. Also, the packaging is very different with a big India-inspired motif representing various popular things of India. There are just 4 products in this box but each product is usable and great.

Aug 20, 2015

The Body Shop VITAMIN C Microdermabrasion Scrub Review

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub Review
The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub Review 

Around 2 months back, my skin was looking very dull and lifeless. The stress of shopping and running around all day was talking its toll. I needed something to work on my skin that could give instant results. The best deal was to use scrubs. Just weeks ahead my wedding, I could not try something entirely new for my skin. I actually searched my own blog to discover something that have worked for my skin. And then I discovered The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Scrub for Dull Skin

I went to store just to buy that scrub but since they were running offers, I purchased 4 The Body Shop products

Aug 19, 2015

Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate with Kerala Lime Gift Box Review

Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime Gift Box Review

I love 'gifts with purchase', especially when you get something that you can actually use. Around 6 weeks back, I discovered that FE was giving this gift box worth Rs 1800 on purchase worth 5K. This was a great way to try the new products of the Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime range because their mini sizes are not sold separately. This is the new range from Forest Essentials. The products from this range have a milder fragrance and is completely different from the heavy Indian fragrances of other ranges of FE. I had to get this box. But, 5K worth of purchase was difficult because I just hauled that store (~13K FE Haul). 

Anyways, I discovered few more things that I wished to try and brought home this gorgeous baby pink box with me.

Aug 18, 2015

NEW Maybelline The NUDES Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Swatches, Review, Price in India

Ask me how many brands retails a proper eyeshadow palette in India? None…till Maybelline decided to launch The N*des to India. Makeup lovers either have to depend on international shipping or local/little known China imports. Most brands either sells monos, duos or quads. Even in those quads it is almost impossible to get a palette with mix of shimmer and mattes. I discovered this situation when I finally decided to replace Sleek Ohh So Special with something else…plus my favorite Physicians Formula palette also broke. So, in short, I am really happy when I discovered that Maybelline The N*des Palette in India. I went to mall just 2 days before my wedding just to get this #priorities

I can finally forgive Maybelline for discontinuing Chai Latte (the only natural everyday quad with mix of gold shimmer and matte brown) because now we have a 12 color pan. At first look, the colors seems to be arranged haphazardly but on the back of the palette, I found that the 12 colors are arranged as 3 quads, 4 trios and 6 duos of complimentary colors. This makes it easier for beginners to work with colors.

Aug 16, 2015

The Body Shop HONEYMANIA Shower Gel Review

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel Price Review India

The Body Shop shower gels are things for addicts. Once you start using them, it is hard to part away. I always have at least one in my bathroom shelf. No matter how hard I try to avoid them, I always end up purchasing them. On my last trip to Body Shop in Kolkata, I discovered that Honeymania shower gel was on 50% off. I had no intentions to increase my luggage but then I purchased it because I have never tried this variants #ExcusesThatAddictsMake

Jul 31, 2015

Life Update

As many of you know (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook) that I got married on 26 July (last Sunday). Many people are asking if I have changed or anything. Frankly speaking, neither my hubby nor me are feeling as if anything has changed. I just feel that I hosted a big party and then moved to a place in Central India. Every one warned me that I will cry but I didn't. Maybe, the worry about the arrangements and other details consumed me. Moreover, I do not see why I would be sad when I am the one who wished to marry the person with whom I have spent more than 8 years. On top of it, my hubby's Rajasthani family is least bothered about customs so, we customized it as much as we wanted. Making it short, crisp and fun - North-Indian style baraat followed by quick Bengali ceremonies (we actually customized it during the wedding as well!). On the previous day I had my Mehendi followed by Barbecue and cocktails with my closest friends. The reception was on 29th and I am still dog tired because of the stress of arranging everything and moving to a different place (and that 15 kilo lehenga!). Many things are out of order for example I no longer have 24/7 internet facility (working in progress on that). Rest things are great for example I am (after 6 years) living in a place with lot of greenery. I am also (almost) free so, hoping to post more here.

Jul 14, 2015

Envy Box July // Monsoon Special Beauty Box

Envy Box July // Monsoon Special Beauty Box
Envy Box July // Monsoon Special Beauty Box

This July, the Envy Box comes in a beautiful lilac case. Whoever decides the color of these boxes….someone please give them a Oscar already. It is such a beauty. On top of it, it contains great products as well. I cannot stop praising this monsoon special beauty box.

Jul 4, 2015

June Empties 2015 // Pre-Wedding Skincare

I am back with another edition of empties post. Though I might not be regular now with my post but I really try to keep up with empties post because I personally like doing them. These posts keep me in track of what I use and what I don't. I have actually checked my own empties post at times to see what I liked most when I feel like repurchasing something *tried to hide face* And I just realized that it has been two years that I started doing them :)

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