Dec 28, 2014

Beautiful Picks from Thailand, Kashmir, etc

Come winter and Kolkata organizes one fair after another. I happen to visit the Trade Fair and picked few lovely things. I feel much better when I buy handmade unique items. I feel that I spent the money well. Sadly, I had a very bad experience last year so, I had all intentions of skipping this one. Anyhow, I went there on Friday and I am glad that I did.

Pieces from Kashmir - There are many stalls from Kashmir and you must not miss them. Do not buy from the first stall you see and check what they have to offer. Every stall has their own variety and price ranges. I picked a pistachio green suit piece with all over pink thread work for Rs 2500. I also picked a blue stole with red and orange work.

Handmade Thread Earring from Thailand - I saw the Pink and Orange earring on someone's Insta feed back in September. I have been looking for these everywhere. Could not resist to buy two more unique pieces. What if I regret later? They are priced at Rs 200 for a pair. Beat that!

Another pair from a different stall from Thailand. Priced at Rs 100 for a pair, Rs 200 for 3.

I have a thing for pom-poms and tassels. Could not resist picking this up. It has tiny bells as well. Priced at Rs 100.

Speaking for tassels, got these scarves for Rs 500 for 2. 

Funky cotton socks - Rs 150 for 3 pairs.


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