Oct 4, 2014

OOTD Mint and Monochrome Saree

I do not need to introduce Saree to anyone for sure! I rarely wear them (read: once in a year or two) because I hardly get a proper occasion to wear them. Recently, I got a chance to wear one and as requested by many on Instagram, Faceboook and Twitter......here is an outfit post.

Outfit - A simple mint saree which I got for just Rs 1500 from New Market, Kolkata. I picked just for the mint color. The blouse was stitched by Anupriya DG.

Makeup - Maybelline MAT 1 and Colossal Kajal. No foundation, BB cream or powder because I am really confident with my natural skin these days *touch-wood* 

I hope you like the post. I think this must the simplest OOTD you have ever seen in blogosphere - just kajal, lipstick and a saree!

Pictures are by Pooja. She is the one who forced me the most to do this post *wink*


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