Oct 26, 2014

Inveda Body Butter Cream with REJUVENATING Almond and Vanilla

The air has started to get dry and it is not easy to skip moisturizers these days. So, wanted to introduce a body butter as fluffy and light as whipped cream - Inveda Body Butter Cream with Rejuvenating Almond and Vanilla

Texture - Inveda Body Butter Cream is fluffy and light as whipped cream. The cream absorbs easily and does not feel oily. It feels more like a light cold cream. It is not as thick as body butter. The cream spreads easily and it is easy to apply.

Frangance - It smells like general cold cream. Also, the smell does not last longs so, there is nothing to talk more on that. (It contains perfume)

Ingredients - Like all Inveda products, this cream is also a 100% vegan product. But, it does contains general chemicals that are present in most creams.

Price - Rs 225 for 100ml

  • Light cream which will suit all skin types
  • 100% vegan 
  • Unhygienic tub packaging.
  • Availability is an issue
  • Not chemical free
Overall - Inveda Body Butter Cream is a light cream good for this fall weather. The cream is easily absorbed. The cream is good. The smell last for few minutes only. Availably is an issue.


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