Feb 28, 2014

4 Soap and Glory Original Pink in TRAVEL Size [Review]


More than than a year back when UK bloggers, used to post about these skincare products, I used to get real jealous. Why are we deprived of these pink cute bottle, tubs and tubes? Then last year Sephora opened its door (still only one or did Sephora just opened another store?) in India and I got to access Soap & Glory. My first product was the Hand Food hand cream (which I finished as well).

During Christmas, when I got the favor to shop from Sephora, I got more from Soap & Glory - all these are their good selling loved products. As I was not at the store and could not feel the texture etc, I got all of them in travel size. Also, they are not chemical free as I always want my skincare to be but to be honest I do kneel down in front from few products time to time. I started using these Soap and Glory beauties very recently. Here are my thought about these PINK Ladies.

Feb 20, 2014

What Kiehl's Has in Store for Skincare Addicts [Store Visit]

Kiehl's Dr Bones

If you are a skincare addict then you must have heard about the famous brands from New York which is around since 1851 - Kiehl's. Kiehl's already have its presence in India at Mumbai and Delhi. Now, to the delight of every skincare addict in Kolkata, we now have a store at the Quest Mall. Well, every new and bright thing in Kolkata is happening only there baby *wink*

Feb 19, 2014

My Day at Roti ~ Via Instagram

I was invited with few fellow bloggers from Kolkata to the Four Seasons Vineyard in Roti. Now, this place is not even registered at Google maps so, you can image how far from the normal lifestyle it might be. For city people like us, this was a big treat to our mind and soul. Luckily, I found 2G internet speed there so, I kept on updating on Instagram. I mean, If you see me not posting in blog or FB be sure that I am posting something on Instagram because its faster and works even on low internet speed.

There will be another post with loads of details etc but that will take some time (maybe this weekend?) so, until then, enjoy the pictures I updated at Instagram. This is more of a personal post.....

Feb 14, 2014


Happy Valentines Day and Hapy Friday!

My plan .....beers and then movie. Totally guilty of liking Ranveer specially after his performance in Lootera.

And Love yourself as YOU matter the Most!

Keep up the love,

PS: During the movie we all got Bournville  sample! 

Feb 13, 2014

Happy Birthday | Chance | Red Cake with Love Doves

Thanks to every sweet soul on this planet who took a minute (or more) from their busy week life to wish me for my birthday. Your wishes made my day for sure. Thank You.

Today was a good day with no plans and I found something nice anyways. That aptly describes most of my days (at personal level at least) and that perfect described today as well - My Birthday.

Feb 10, 2014

98.2% Natural Face Wash | Just Herbs Silk Splash Neem Orange Rehydrant Face Wash Review India

For years, I was off face wash. Yes, you read it right - I do not use any face wash in general. I am happy with haldi-chandan-besan routine to cleanse my face. I do keep some just for the sake of having them but they are never in my skincare routine. Reason - no matter how much 'gentle' or 'mild' or 'natural' they say they are, they are mostly sulfates/PEGS. 

5 months back, I saw the review by Awungshi of Just Herbs Silk Splash which Free from sulphates, PEG/PPG and parabens. Sounded like a dream come true. I purchased it and I really liked it.

But, when I saw in the ingredients list, it was not complete so, I was set to thinking if this is not natural or just hyped to be natural. You know how much the ingredients label means to me so, I contacted Just Herbs on whatsapp and found more about it to discover that I have a bottle from older lot! The new ones pump dispensers and have complete ingredients list printed! 

Just Herbs Silk Splash face wash is 98.2% Natural. Plus, the rest 1.8% synthetics are ECOCERT certified meaning they are absolutely necessary and hardly hazardous for health. Just herbs products are free from petrochemicals, parabens, SLS/SLES, PEG/PPG, genetically modified ingredients(GMO) and other synthetic ingredients.

Just Herbs Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant Face Wash Ayurvedic India

Feb 9, 2014

Acrylic Makeup Display and Organizer with Tiered Lipstick Stand and Drawer Cabinet in India

Acrylic Makeup Display Orgniser India with Drawer

Today morning when I posted about my new YSL lipstick on Instagram, little did I know that people are more interested about organizers than new makeup. LOL

So, here is a quick post on my Acrylic Makeup Display and Organizer which have tiered lipstick stand and drawer cabinets. They are abundantly available at Ebay.com for exorbitant price but I purchased from a local store at a far lower price.

Jan'14 Empties - I Have Scrubbed A Lot!

 I can confidently declare January as the 'Official Scrubbing Month'. As summer is almost knocking on our doors, I had to prepare my skin. Personally, to get rid of dry flaky skin, I just religiously did two things - Scrub/Exfoliate and Moisturize.

And hence, I was able to finish two tubs of body scrubs. Phew..

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Scrub (Detailed Review) - The granules in this scrub does an excellent job in exfoliating. The creamy base helps not to make skin dry. This is limited edition so, not sure if it is still available.

Feb 5, 2014

Boi Mela | 38th Kolkata Book Fair 2014 | Geronimo Stilton

Every year when the chills in air gets milder around last week of January, 
every bong urge to go to Boi Mela.

It is a book fair that Kolkata takes a lot of pride in. This is the 38th one. I love Kolkata Book Fair because it gives a platform for non-so-famous publishers to showcase their books and get in touch with readers. But unfortunately, I cannot read Bengali so, I generally go in search for folk tales, fables etc printed in English which are tough to find. I also get to discover more book which I search online and then buy at a far cheaper rate.....mostly from Flipkart. (My order from Flipkart already on its way)

Agatha Christie Harper Collins

This year I only got a set of 'Fables from India' by Rupa publishers. 

Later, I saw a girl with a red bag with Agatha Christie on it. Badly needed the paper bag. I asked the girl from where it was so, I had to get something from Harper Collins, hence, Ask the Policeman. (Ask the Policeman has a crime as described by one writer, then four of the best writers of that time presents a different solution to the same in four chapters)

The book was also available at a huge discount HERE but I needed the BAG
See, I have my priorities very very clear. *wink*

Feb 4, 2014

Cutest Gift Box | Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Tin Gift Box

Cute Skincare Gift Box Body Shop India

I still cannot believe that I finally own this. I wanted this from last year, but they were not launched in India. But then I got a mail from The Body Shop have launched them in India and still it was not available in India. 

Then this came to India but at last, the Ginger Sparkle Tin Box is here!

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