Sep 10, 2013

NEW! Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Swatch - Emerald Green and Blue Sapphire

Lakme have launched a Limited edition collection - Absolute Royal Range- inspired by the era of the royals to pay a tribute to the reign of princesses and queens. Being a lover of nail paints, I picked 2 from the 8 (well the store from where I picked them, had only 4 to choose from).

I choose - Blue Sapphire and Emerald Green.

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Emerald Green Swatch

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Emerald Green

It would have been sad if I had missed the pantone colour of the year. I wanted a lighter emerald but before the year ends I have to get emerald nail paint so, I grabbed this. This is a darker shade of emerald.

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Emerald Green Swatch

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Emerald Green swatch

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Blue Sapphire Swatch

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Blue Sapphire

A rich beautiful blue with metallic sheen. The color can be compared to color of peacock feathers.

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Blue Sapphire Swatch

Lakme Absolute Royal Nails Brush

Sweet Points

  • I was wearing these on 2 fingers last week. They lasts for 4 days with no chipping or fading. On 5th day, I took it out to swatch all the colors together for this post.
  • I fear straining from dark colors but I was amazed to see no straining when I took these off
  • The brush is thick and easy to use.
  • The formula is thin but opaque. Only 2 coats can do the trick.
  • Super glossy with no top coat. I am not wearing top coat in any of these images.

Bitter Points

  • Limited Edition.
  • Priced at 200 INR. A bit more than the usual.

Other colors in this range - Teal Fantasy, Purple Lust, Red Rebel, Pink Alert, Blue Sapphire, Green Drama, Emerald Green and Grey Dilemma.

Wondering how Grey Dilemma would be!

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