Aug 31, 2013

Free International Shippping at MUA and VIVO

I got up to see two beautiful mails in my inbox. (Yes, I get up wayyyy after the usual time on weekends...)

These are like music to my ears. I need to share this with you.

Aug 30, 2013

Keep Swimming in Mint Sea (Nail Art)

This is a very simple and easy to do nail art. This was my first nail art that I did back in early 2011. I did it on Colorbar Orange Mimosa. I got lot of motivation from my friends after that and my journey continued. I did this again after 2.5 years! On my favorite color – Mint.

Aug 27, 2013

The Cursed Dripping Nail Art (Bourjois Lavande Esquisse And Revlon Gum Drop)

Dripping Drop Nail Art Mauve

There times I look at my old nail art pic and realize I could have done better. Or at least clicked in a better way (for general posts). So, I resist clicking in bad lighting. This nail art is the cursed one.

You Gotta Have Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex

Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex
Rimmel London Whitener All White Now Nail Brightening Complex Review

I know life is short to wear plain simple nail polishes but a beautiful French nails always manages to take my breath away. Many are fortunate enough to have it naturally – pastel pink nail beds and fresh white tips. Sadly, I am not one of those lucky girls. My nail tips turn yellow very easily. And thanks to some nails polishes *cough*Revlon*cough*, I had to get something to tackle this issue.

Aug 24, 2013

Top 5 Lipsticks (That I Have For More than One Year And Still In Use Everyday)

The thing that will take off all the patience of a beauty blogger is to ask them – Tell me your top 5 Favorite eyeshadow/lipstick/concealor...

And the worse is to ask them to write a post about that.

How can someone differentiate between their own kids? Pick our favourite? There is no way I am going to do that.

So, when Sheetal tagged me for ‘Top 5 Lipsticks’, I was bewildered. How can I choose?

Then, I did a simple thing – include a filter. So, here are my Top 5 Lipsticks that I have for more than a year and still in use every day.

Even with the filter, I had 8 lipsticks but in the end I choose the ones I had for longer time or used more.

Aug 17, 2013

Ups and Downs of Revlon Cosmic Moon Candy Nail Art

There is one song for each girl which turns her on instantly. For me it’s Toxic. I know it’s funny but I loved the song, specially the video.

There is also one nail polish that I discover every time I visit the mall. This came home with me when I discovered the huge load of things launched by Revlon. I purchased this and Silhouette.

Aug 16, 2013

Meanwhile At Instagram Vol 3

Hope you enjoyed your Independence Day Holiday. It was raining cats and dogs in here so, I could not plan anything. I could not even click pictures for upcoming post – worst thing about monsoons. We decorated our workplace with few of these and few of that. The final result was impressive.

Aug 12, 2013

Funny Flipkart

When Mr.Boy started his first job back in 2008, he asked me want I wanted. I was still in my final year of studies and just go to know about online shopping. Someone wrapping up new things for you and sending them to your door steps – Enchanting! So, I requested that I will buy 3 books from Flipkart. So by now, I buying from Flipkart since 2008. I have seen that baby growing...


Not long ago introduced the beauty section and frankly the way the service is going down at most online beauty stores, I had my hopes high on them. 

Aug 11, 2013

August Haul - The Body Shop, Rimmel London, Deborah Milano, Etc

This month, I HAD to get some skincare/makeup products because I needed some and some were on unmissable offers. Also, I have finished a lot. A Lot. Also, I am happy buying cloths and accessorizes these days. So, I think I deserved buying the following.....

Aug 2, 2013

July Empties

It that time of the month. The time I do the Empties Post. 
This is my third month of doing empties post. Its feels great...seriously! 

I though of finishing a lot of samples this month but I still have a lot of samples to finish. LOL

Aug 1, 2013

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple & Coconut and Vanilla Shower Gel Review

You know the feeling when you want to buy something online but the price is a tiny bit less that the amount to be eligible for free shipping. (Even yesterday, I thought of buying a perfume and it it was freaking INR 13 less than the free shipping amount.) Is this God’s way of saying do not buy or buy more? I always go with buy more option. So, a year back, I purchased these Enliven Shower Gels just to be eligible for free shipping from an online store. 

OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands Swatches With A EBay Horror Story

I always had perfect blue glitter nail paint in mind. Always and forever. The ones I encounter has shimmer (not glitter) or leans more toward ink blue or light blue. When I saw the swatches of Get Your Number of OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands collection, I shouted – This-Is-IT!

I could not wait (eternally) for it to come to India. My search started for a EBay seller brave enough to send nail polish to India and I found one. I a few days I had a pack of four. I though it better to get four colors than one! So, here are the swatches of the 3 colors. What happen to the 4th one? I will tell you a horror story by the end of this post.

The texture is quite rough on the top. With top coat it looks great.

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