Jul 25, 2013

Sleek Makeup Candy Collection Limited Edition i Candy, Sweet Cheeks and Lol-Lip-Pop Swatch and Review


To my biggest luck I never faced lost parcels. I was afraid that it will happen when I move to Kolkata but *touches wood* it never happened that way. By now you might have guessed what I am going to say – I lost my Sleek parcel.

Jul 22, 2013

A Great Discovery - Free of Cost!!

Has it ever happed with you that you got something in sales and later realized it was a big mistake? Or something that you got for free with purchase and never cared to use? I am guilty of both. I have lost count of the number of time I have purchased something in sale in this mode "Awww..nice design...on sale...great...let's check the size....Medium....okay, maybe the tailor will make it small for it" And then the tailor says - "Nahin madam. Isko aur chota nahin kar payega" ( No Ma'am, I won't be able to alter this to a smaller size ). Then, I just keep them in a box waiting for my Mr. Charming Tailor. A girl can only dream. Ahhhhh....

And products free with purchase? Who is gonna use them? Now, recently I started doing the empties post. That helped me a lot in increasing free space in the bathroom shelves. When I almost finished everything, I started to attack the samples and free products. 

And then, I discovered these two gem of products - Garnier Gentle Soothing Face Wash and Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

Jul 21, 2013

My Wishlist - Makeup Brushes from Too Faced, MAC, Sigma, Etc

One thing that I have learnt is that makeup brushes last forever. It is best to invest on some good ones because brushes play a huge role in the makeup finish. I have taken a long time to understand this post to be true. Recently, I thought of revamping my brush collection and then everything I saw was getting into my to-buy-list which was a bad bad thing!

Jul 18, 2013

L'Occitance Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Gel Review

Anyone who know me for some time have heard me saying - I love L'Occitane Cherry Blossom. As this is one of their most loved range, the full size bottles hardly have any offers. Plus, the prices in my country is bit high so, I cannot just go and grab the full sizes. So, when I saw this travel size on offer last year, I had to get it. I kept it and pampered it because I was feeling - what if I finish it? 

I was using it as a special treat for myself for one year.

While doing the empties post, I finished loads of products so, now I am trying to use the products which I was thinking of preserving for my whole life.....I know they have expiry date but dil hae ki manta nahin

So, I am using L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Shower Gel these days. This is the travel size.

Jul 16, 2013

L`Occitane en Provence Delice des Fleus, Fleurs de Cerisier and The Vert

I am love with these, hooked to them, adore them....okay running out of words now. My first was Cherry Blossom in the heart shape tin. Then, it got lost while shifting and then, I repurchased it - cannot live without it. Cannot. Period.

Over the year, I purchased 2 more - Green Tea and Rose & Violette.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut is Back in Town! (Plus TBS Offers)

If warm smell is your thaang then you will be delighted to know that The Body Shop Brazil Nut is Back.

Jul 14, 2013

Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap Review

I pity anyone who haven't tasted a ripe mango! It is one fruit which I can eat any time of the year. And if it is summer then ...... ohhh heaven. 

As almost every Indian loves mangoes, we grow up eating them in every form - raw, pickled, ripe, juice, shakes, dried, leather, candy, etc. But, I found it 3 years back that it is used in skincare product. I found the idea disgusting. Who want to smell like Maaza? Over the years, my mind changed and I wanted to try a mango flavored bath product. My wish was fulfilled when I found Nyassa Alphonso Handmade Soap.

Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Silhouette Swatch And Review

As many of know might be aware that Revlon got these new flashy nail art range with loads of other goodies in the Indian market recently. The nail art have three categories. One of  the categories is Expressionist - A combination of two colors with one color having a normal brush and other having a nail art stripper brush. Unfortunately, I already had the similar colors of the Expressionist range in my vanity. The only 'unique' one was Silhouette.

Here, is how the brushes are both of colors. They are two different colors joined in the middle. When you use the brush of one color, you can leave the other one hanging in the wand. That does not make it heavy.

The n*de beige with micro shimmer is my new n*de favorite. It is a bit creamy in texture and you need 2 coats max to give a great look but even one coat does the job fine. The application is easy. I have no complains with the formula. I never found any issues while applying. You can see a tiny bubble type thing on the index fingernail but its there because I skipped buffering my nails.

I tried the conical french look with both because frankly the combination is hardly noticeable. I did a plaid design once but the design hardly showed up properly. So, for swatching I tried this.  I had no intentions of doing polkas again so, I went to my favorite angled french (also done 1.5 years back here). Not bad but not a great idea either. Even this was not properly showing (check the first image) so, clicked it in more light so that the metallic color will reflect more to distinct from the beige.

This was reflecting in natural light so, I shot this in low light to show how nice the color is. I am loving this metallic taupe. Another color which was missing in my vanity. Every metallic taupe I discovered was leaning toward gold but thankfully this one does not. My complain here with with the formula. Its very runny. For a nail art stripper, you need a thick formula for better control and ease.

 Price - 300 INR

Overall - I loved it. For 300 INR, I got 2 unique colors in my vanity which last long for my nails. I faced not chipping or fading for straight 7 days! I changed the polish after that. Can I complain?

Maybe not.

But, I will.

I wish the formula for the metallic color was thicker. It was too runny to be usable for real nail art job.

Also, somehow the combination is not striking enough. So, I will recommend this for girls who want to lay low but still wish to experiment with color. The beige is my new everyday office favorite.

I wish I could buy more but I already have similar colors with me. I have spotted two shades on some international blogs. I will go and check on those next time. If I buy them then the swatches will be legendary!!

It would have been great if at least one of them had a black stripper. I would have recommend that one to everybody. Black strippers are the ones mainly required for most nail arts.

Have you picked anything? Found anything unique? Do share with us.

To check more of the new launches from Revlon, check here.

Jul 13, 2013

New Launch - The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

On Tuesday, I got a ping and got to know that Dia Mirza is going to launch a new Hydrating product on Thursday. How could I resist? So, I went there and I took a leave that day, I was not late this time! Unfortunately, we got to know that Dia was not keeping well after she landed in Kolkata. The Press could not wait for long so, the product was launched - 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream.

This is the 3rd BB cream from The Body Shop for Indian market. The other two could not work for my shade so, I never got them. This one belonging to Vitamin E range is living up to the reputation of being creamy and thick. But, it comes in only one shade. It is priced at 995 INR. Just wait for few days to know in my review if it is worth the price.   

Until, my review, enjoy the pictures. But, I must say I went overboard with the PhotoGrid App. 

Jul 10, 2013

More Updates on MAC RiRi Hearts Autumn Collection - New Packaging!

I have the best news – MAC RiRi Hearts Fall Collection will have the brush 187SE – i.e the travel size of 187. 187 is the duo-fibre brush of MAC. I always had it in my list. I got tempted to get Sigma F50 but I always felt like saving for this one. 

Now, the travel size brushes always come in a set and I am never happy to buy things in a bunch even when I might not need all. For the first time (after I discovered MAC), 187SE is not in a collection of 5 brushes! Also, its not the simple black handle but the rose gold casing.

This new baby will be the only rose gold packaging in my vanity. oHHHhhh Sooooo Cute!!

So, this will be my first MAC brush (a want!) which is Duo Fibre (a need!) in Rose Gold (a love!)......

Here are some photos of other items of the new collection.

Can You Hair Get Used to Shampoo? When Should You Change Shampoo?

I am saying this beforehand – This most may sound like a rant but this is not supposed to make anyone feel bad. Also, this is a long post with parts.


Part I - Breaking The Myth

Let us consider this first

Can you get used to Nutella? I make you eat it twice every week for 6 months and then I say – No dear. I cannot give you any more Nutella because you are ‘used’ to it now. Let me  -

A. Switch between Nutella and some random cocoa spread every month.

B. No Nutella at all

C. Anything other than Nutella

What will you choose?

First, you might hate the idea of changing at all because you are having Nutella only thrice a week. You enjoy the same flavor as it is satisfying your sweet tooth.

Second, you might want to move to other flavor but only when it is better than your present one (Who is Better than Nutella..huh?).

Jul 3, 2013

Lovely News for Peach Lovers

Last year, The Body Shop launched their Vineyard Peach collection. I purchased only the shower gel and loved it to core. By the time I went back to the store to purchase the other products, it was all gone. Now, I got to know that they are going to re-launch the entire line! I am extremely happy because now I will be able to try the Scrub.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel Review

Jul 2, 2013

Soulflower G for Guava Soap Review

Two reasons made me buy this soap – I have never tried/seen bath product with Guava and Soulflower was having discounts. Not a huge fan of Guava, but I was wondering how a Guava Soap would be like? So, I purchased from Soulflower – G For Guava

Soulflower G for Guava Soap Review

Jul 1, 2013

Black and White Themed June Empties with Nineteen Products

As a reader, you might be seeing a lot of empties post and going – Why EMPTIES Post? Then, let me tell you – 

A. As a blogger, I end up buying a lot of things to try. I do not post about all of them because not all products are worthy to talk about. But, all of them just stay on your bathroom shelves.

B. I also get sale samples from PR that has to be used up or else they just sit there on the shelves.

C. When I do an empties post, I actually finish the products. Otherwise, I will always leave some product to compare/smell/etc. Now, I am emptying my bathroom shelves by using the products that had very few usages left. You will see in this post that I finished a product that I had from January 2012 and it contained product just for one usage in it!

D. It does give a sense of achievement! Start collecting your empties each month (if you are a product junkie) and you will see for yourself!

Last month, I decided to finish my Black and White products. There were some near miss but, here is finally what I finished - Nineteen Products in total [along with some other color products].

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