Jun 2, 2013

May Empties - My First Empties Post!

Thanks to all the sweet bloggers who inspired me to do empties post, I am here doing my first ever empties post. Special thanks to Shouri Ghosh and Nivedita for the additional support. 

My RULE this month was to 
  • Finish products that have few usage left. 
  • Even when HG products finishes, use other products that I had instead of buying more. 

Following these two rules definitely reduced the number of products on my bath room shelf.  So, presenting my first ever empties post with 19 products...

1. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Spa - I was saving this one for a long time. I finished this up because it expires in June 2013. LOL. I am surely going to get it soon but I am waiting for some offer. The mere 10% discount from my membership card is not enough for something priced soooooooo high. You can read the review here.

2. Original Source Lime Shower Gel - Its a neon yellow shower gel (cool?) which smells like Limca but at times like floor cleaner...ewwwww. Surely, not repurchasing this one. I was keeping this one thinking that I will blog about it but then about-to-finish-shower-gel-bottle looks nothing close to pretty. I dropped my plan and used it up.

3. Palmolive Aroma Sensual Shower Gel - Why didn't I smell this one before buying? I do not have the answer. This one has a very manly smell and it took me some real courage to use. Then, I finished it up as a hand soap. Duh!

4. Lotus Herbal Claywhite Face Pack - Not repurchasing this any time soon.

5. Lotus DeTAN Face Pack - Had only one usage left. ONE. Again, I was keeping this one because I wanted to talk about it. Finally, I talked about it here (along with Lotus Claywhite) and I do not want to buy it again. And as I declared - Never going to buy any ready made thing that promise to do anything to remove tanning. Only products claiming to 'avoid tanning' or 'prevent tanning' are welcome in my party.

6. Boots Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Treatment - This had only 2 usage left. I was not finishing this because it smells great. It even have a warning - This is NOT a Food. Now, just imagine how awesome it smells. I used it as a conditioner for the ends of my hair to prevent splits. This is really great. I didn't dared to finish it because I am not able to find this one in any store nearby. They only have the conditioner. I still do not have my backup and I am missing the smell a lot...a lot.

7. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo - I finished this very early of the month. Be ready to see this every 3-4 months. This shampoo is not going anywhere. Surely a keeper for me. Using it from the time it was launched in India.

8. Matrix Opticare Serum - Had just 5 usage left. I like the smell a lot.  But, this is too thick for me so, I was not using it. I started using this and finished it up because I finished L'Oreal Smooth Intense Serum got over.

9. L'oreal Smooth Intense Instant Smoothing Serum - Surely my HG. Finished it 2 weeks back but I was not purchasing this because of the commitment to finish as many products as possible. 

10. The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream - Was with me for a long long time. I finished this when my L'Oreal Day Cream got over.

11. L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream - The Maybelline girl at New U CSM Noida gave me a sample of this one a year back. I moved to Kolkata right after that and when nothing was working for me after the huge change of weather, I loved this. I got it from her when I visited Noida 3 months after she gave me the sample. Well, she gave me the sample so, I must buy from her only. Right? This is not going to get replaced any time soon. 

12. Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic - My precious. Its tough to see such a beautiful color with such depth from a nail polish that costs just 100 INR. I am going to get it my whole life. I pray that this is never discontinued.

13. Maybelline Collosal Kajal  - Actually, I didn't 'finished' it. I was trying to see how much I am left with. I pulled the whole thing out but could not put it back. And then, it broke from the base. In just 2-3 usage, it got over. This was my third purchase.

14. Maybelline Colorama Beige Natural - My precious. See it here. This was my second bottle. Unfortunately, this is discontinued. This was also suggested my that same Maybelline SA. God, I miss her.  The closest match from Maybelline is Bale Classico

15. Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub - I kept it just to perfect my formula of home made lip scrub. Finally found that the brown sugar at CCD is the closest match. See the tutorial here.

16. Lotus Herbals Matte Look 40 SPF Sunscreen - Another of my HG. Using this for 7-8 years now. I switched to Neutrogena once. The things that people say - my-face-turns-oily-when-I-use-sunscreen - I totally get that one now because I faced the same thanks to Neutrogena. Now, I do not even dare to try any other sunscreen.

17. Fabindia Green Tea Moisturising Lotion - This was my second bottle. Surely, love this one. Not buying it now because I have loads to moisturizers and body butters to finish. You can read the review here.

18. Lotus Herbals SPF 50 Spray Sunscreen - This was in my bag for a year for backup. Days I need to step out of office in middle of the day or early when the sun is still there, I can use this for reapplication. This was my biggest need in Delhi office. But, I never needed this one in Kolkata because sun sets early here. Its pitch dark when I come out of office. So, it was it my bag rolling on for a year. Now that I could not buy another 40 SPF one, I finished this one. LOL

19. Soap And Glory Hand Food - I used this up because Fabindia moisturizer finished. Yes, the hand food was my arm food, my feet food, my legs food and also my tummy food....tummy food? does not sounds right. No? And, I never ate this.....just to be clear....thought it had Marsh mellows...woooo Marsh mellows. But, I could not find the marsh mellows in the ingredients list. You can check it here.


So, you see - products got over because they had less usage or the HG counterpart got over. The rules really helped.

My rule for June's empties post is 'Black and White'. Only targeting products that are either black or white or their packaging is black or white. Don't feel that it will be a boring post because you will see other other colors as well but mostly them.

 I hope you liked this post. Do encourage me though your sweet comments. They mean a lot to me.
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