Jun 3, 2013

June Essentials Haul, OOTD and A New Decision

When do a call a shopping a Haul? I am yet to figure out the number of products that must be there to call your shopping a Haul. I have seen people with just one product and calling it a haul but that never seemed right to me. Anyways, as May was empty-all-you-can month, I didn't purchased anything even if I NEEDED them. So, on 31st of May, I went out and go these things. Yes, online shopping has turned sour for me - nothing new, old stock, late delivery and no discounts.

L'Oreal Smooth Intense, L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream, Lotus SPF 40 Sunscreen and Maybelline Coral Chic are in the list because I finished them in May.

Maybelline Verde Palmeria is my favorite green and I was saving it for a long time, then, I realized it was all dried up. It had 2 usage left. I didn't included in last month empties because I could never finish it up.

I was in love with Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover but availability was a huge issue so, I moved to Flomar. I have used 3 bottles of Flomar by now and the 4th one will last only a week more at max so, I decided to try something else and got Colorbar Nail Polish Remover

I got the Maybelline Mascara because I gave my old one to Clinique to get the free High Impact Mascara Sample. Because, I broke my Maybelline Kajal last month and even the mascara missing was missing, I got into a yellow-deficiency-syndrome. As, I already have too many kajals and black liners, I got the mascara. For the first time, I got the waterproof version of this one.

And also, my office makeup pouch died last month and all the pretty pouches are stored in a big box in Mr Boy's house in Delhi, I got this sasta tikau one. Its actually a mesh bag that you get at stationery shops which keeps files and folders. It was for just 49 INR. I am still looking for a good one.

So, as you can see very very clearly - No new makeup. That is because I have made a new decision. I am not going for a shopping ban - that will just make me crazy, untolerateable person.

I have made a decision that I will buy more cloths, bags and shoes in place of makeup products. I was trying to do this for a very long time but now I am finally following this rule properly.

(Also, the facts that companies are not launching anything that tempting me too much. I recently spotted the  The Body Shop Apple Range and stopped myself from getting it. I am not a gloss person so, skipping on Maybelline glosses was easy. And the prices of L'Oreal products made sure that I do not buy them. Plus, I could not spot anything unique that I liked in that collection. Any recommendation? If I like something, I will buy from Ebay US sellers at a lot lesser price. LOL.)

As a start  for this decision, I got these two cross body slings.

And I also got these floral pants. They very comfortable.

It was tough to follow this decision till now because my makeup stash was just growing and every now and then, I would spot something that is completely new for my vanity. But, now that my makeup collection have grown to a respectable size, its easier for me to skip a lot of products.

I hope to buy more and more cloths and do loads of OOTD posts. I will still be reviewing products because you have no ideas how many products are yet to be reviewed and living in drafts folder.

Maybe around durga puja/diwali, I will do a major haul from international websites. Till then , I am listing everything that I WANT.

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