Jun 29, 2013

Presenting Happiness Part II - Paris Cafe

This the part II of the post. Please read that first and then come to read this. Here is the Part I.

Read that? Good. So, when we came out of Caramelle, I spotted a 4 feet tall Eiffel Towel. It is built outside Paris Cafe. It is a 100% Veg Cafe and Pâtisserie. We went in just to see how it looks because we were full. And then what I found inside made me click like a maniac.

Presenting Happiness straight from Paris Cafe .

Jun 27, 2013

Presenting Happiness Part I - Caramelle

Yesterday, was one of those days when I felt nothing is right. NOTHING. I have a high tolerance level but things are going beyond my control for more than a week now. My office work is as over loaded as it can be making me work around 14 hours for a month now, I got a nice offer to write but I didn't because I could not take photos around weekends because its raining almost everyday, I cannot even take proper pictures to put up in blog when I have loads to share with you, I am hating the rain (Everyday! Seriously? ), I am missing Mr.Boy, some other tension at home etc etc...you get the picture here!!

So, yesterday, I called Poorna of Presented By P who blogs about food in Kolkata. She was posting too many amazing photos these days and so, I requested her to take me somewhere - ANYWHERE to make me happy.

And she took me to CARAMELLE. I was having a bad hair day so, pulled my hair back and tied them. I wore yellow to feel better. Yellow is my happy color.

Caramelle - Can't Talk, Eating Fried Pies, Experiencing Nirvana

I want a clock like that!!

Jun 26, 2013

[PR] [Contest] L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X #StayRooted

"Every shampoo today speaks about strong hair, but what really matters is the roots that make the hair strong. Only strong roots can give you strong and healthy hair. L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X is one such shampoo that takes care of your roots. 

Fall Repair 3X is an Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo that delivers a triple anti-hair fall action. It nourishes the hair root, restructures hair fiber and helps the hair grow stronger from root to tip. Only Fall Repair 3X is enriched with Arginine Essence. Arginine is an essential amino acid that is vital for hair’s constitution. It is known for nourishing the scalp to improve micro-circulation.

Stronger the roots, lesser the hair fall. And real strength of people comes from their ‘roots’. 

‘Stay Rooted’ is all about remembering your roots and knowing that whatever you are today is because of your roots. It's about taking time out to thank and appreciate people, things, places etc from your past that have made you "You". Your roots are the main reason for your strength & L'Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X is giving you a chance to connect to your roots.

L’Oreal released a video where we have captured people from across different sections of society telling us about that one special person who they’d like to go back in time and thank."

So, if you could go back in time to thank someone who will it be and why? Comment below to let us know. The most beautiful answer will get a L'Oreal Fall Repair hamper!

Jun 25, 2013

Sweet Hero : Sure Women Dry Shield Alcohol Free Roll On Review [Passion]

When Madam Asin used to showed her underarms during the Sure ad, I made sure whatever be it, I won't be buying Sure Roll On. Never.......

But then you NEED a roll on. You live in India and its always hot and humid. We eat all kinds of spicy foods. You definitely need one. 

I wear perfumes everyday. But, I cannot reapply perfumes because most perfumes I have, have heavy glass bottles which makes it impossible to travel around. To make the perfume last longer, the easiest trick in the book is to wear a antiperspirant. Antiperspirants avoids any sweating, avoiding BO and hence, you can enjoy your perfume for a long long time. But, as you layer your antiperspirant under your main perfume you don't want any overpowering antiperspirant.

I tried the ones from Nivea but the glass bottles make it risky to carry around. I also useed the wax ones but they are uncomfortable. Even the ones from The Body Shop was a no-no. 

Then, last year I was forced to try the one I never wanted to - Sure Dry Shield. And now, I am repurchasing it back to back.

Sure Women Dry Shield Alcohol Free Roll On Review [Passion] India
Sure Women Dry Shield Passion

Jun 24, 2013

Ohhh Honey, Look What I Have Done! I Washed The Kids!

No, I do not have kids and I am not even married yet. It is just that I watched 'Honey, I Blew The Kids' last week and I do not remember feeling that great after watching any movie. [More than the movie, I was happy because it brought back the memories of watching 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'. The first English movie of my life. Dad rented the video for me. I still remember the scene with colorful fruit loop and the rescue by ant. How time flies...]. And right after the movie finished, I realized I haven't told you about the nice sweet smelling soap from Lush. You know the smell around Lush shops, the sweet unavoidable smell. I am sure this one contributes a lot to that wonderful smell.

Presenting - Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

I always cut my small in small pieces before using to make the smell last long. Even the product melts less when they are in smaller pieces (or this is what I opt to believe). 

I got this as a sample to try. I loved the smell so, I just wanted to keep it forever. I kept the soap in paper wrap in my makeup drawer. After that, each time I open the drawer, the tempting smell make me sniff it. It is sweet like honey and caramel but there is orange oil to make sure it’s not overly sweet. This is undoubtedly one of the best smelling soap.

Each soap is cut out of the big bar with a part of the honeycomb imprint wax. The wax is supposed to do the exfoliation maybe but I am yet to see its effect on me. It starts to fall off as the soap starts to melt. It’s tough like hard plastic. Surely, when I repurchase this, I will ask the sales assistant to cut that part. When you buying based on weight, why get something you will never use?

Jun 21, 2013

Super Hero: You Cannot Miss On This One If You Have Sensitive Skin

I am using this from December 2010. That is when a dermatologist recommended this one to me. And from then there is no turning back. I skipped buying this, started to miss it in my vanity and hence repurchased this again and again. I now use this daily every morning. I am sure anyone with sensitive skin should not even need me to name this. This product is none other than Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin.

First CC Cream In India by Lakme - Lakme Complexion Care Cream

While the world have gone toward DD creams now, When every leading skincare brand was launching BB cream, I wondering why Lakme is being mum on this trend and now, I know. We are about to get the first CC cream in India, thanks to Lakme. 

Presenting Lakme Complexion Care cream.

This is made specially for Indian skin tone and available in two shade - Beige and Bronze. (Just two?) 

The cream also has SPF 20. The price is yet to be disclosed. Yours truly will update it the moment I get to know.  Price 250 INR for 30ml. Not bad *wink*

Jun 20, 2013

Accessories from Forever New - Neon Bling Love

I always wanted the neon blingy bracelets. I was dreaming about and then, I stumbled upon them in Forever New. Best part - They were on 30% off ! Howzaat!!!

I picked a load of things but finally settled for 4 things

Kazo Goodybag Giveaway Worth 4000INR

This is a India Only giveaway. Sorry non-Indian readers.

I was supposed to start this giveaway a week back but because of some issues with other sponsors, I could not do it. So, better late than never.

What up for grabs -
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • KAZO iPhone Case
  • KAZO Coffee Mug
  • KAZO Pen
I am awaiting information about the sizes of the top/bottom.

There will be only one winner this time so, make your entry count. Just like 2 pages in Facebook and fill it in the Rafflecopter below. You can do the additional for better chances of winning.

Jun 17, 2013

5 Hand Creams Compared - The Body Shop, Soap & Glory, The Face Shop and Vaseline

If you ask me even today - why hand cream? Then I do not have an answer! They are either cute or smell nice or means something to me or something that I wanted to try. I found these pictures on my laptop so, thought of doing a quick post before its too late. I have even finished up one of the following now and about ti finish another *wink*

Soap Glory Hand Food Face Shop Me:Ex Body Shop Absinthe Cranberry India Review

MUA Amaretto Crush. Koala Bear, Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch and Review

MUA Ameretto Crush. Koala Bear, Pistachio Ice Cream Swatch and Review

I shopped around a month back for the first time from MUA UK. You can check the other things here. I wanted just one brush and a palette I wanted to shop RT brushes, then I thought of trying brush from MUA and then .......I saw that there is a nail polish named Koala Bear, I could not stop myself. I always have adored Koala Bears. They are second in my if-I-could-keep-a-cute-wild-animal-with-me list. First, with no doubt is a panda! 

But, who buys just one nail polish? Right? So, I got 4! The bottle of one of them (Frozen Yogurt, which was a close dupe of Bourjois  Lavande Esquisse) broke in 1 week. RIP. There was something wrong with the order - first, one of the brush came broken and then this!

So, here are the Amaretto Crush, Koala Bear, and Pistachio Ice Cream

Jun 16, 2013

[Kolkata Post] Updates from RImmel and Sally Hansen with Tiny Shopping

Bless the soul of the person who manages Bourjois, Maxfactor, Rimmel and Sally Hansen in Kolkata. I actually met that person yesterday who introduced the Rimmel and Maxfactor. And to add the good news - Rimmel and Sally Hansen counters are now loaded with great products. I know what you are going to ask and the answer is - No. No, the Kate Moss collection is not there. Its sold out now. But, look at the increase in products.

I posted the picture on left side here

Revlon New Launches in India - Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, Style Strips, Pacific Coast Collection, Etc

Today, I met Nivedita who along with me is trying to be on a shopping ban. But, we decided to go to check Rimmel. I was about to say that what ever be it, I am not buying anymore makeup, I saw these lovelies at Revlon counter.

Its like a festival out there!!!

Here, are the new launches. (All pics were taken by mobile)

Revlon Nail Art in Moon Candy, Expressionist and Neons

There are 2 color duos and are priced at 300 INR which is decent. All Moon Candy have one dark color and one iridescent flake glitter in a sheer base. The flakes reminded me of the ones from Inglot but these are bit more chunkier. The Neons have one bright color with white. The Expressionist have 2 color combination. 

Revlon Nail Art Style Strips. They had loads of type for this one. Forgot to ask the price. Ooopsies!!

Jun 9, 2013

What's in my Makeup Bag?

I wanted to do this for a very long time. I generally end up changing a thing or two every week. Its almost a ritual to pick new things for the makeup bag from my vanity every sunday night, sharpen the pencils and refill the creams & cleansers. But, I am aiming to finish some makeup products so, I used these for a month now. I am continuing with them for few more weeks to come. If not, then I will love posting what new arrived in my makeup bag.

I am trying to source a good makeup bag which fulfills my needs and looks great. Till then, I am stuck with this mesh bag that I got from a stationery shop for just 49 INR.

Jun 4, 2013

[Spotted] Sally Hansen and Rimmel London Are Now In Kolkata

A Milllion & Two Thanks to Lee Pandi for sharing the great news with us. The extra two for two special announcements. Last night, she left a comment on my post that 2 companies which were so far available only by some online stores -  Rimmel London and Sally Hansen are available in Kolkata at Shoppers Stop, South City. 

I read that comment while going to office this morning and I could not think of anything else but Sally Hansen and Rimmel all day long. So, by 6 skipped office and ran to the South City to hold the babies. This was the first time I saw them in stores because so far they are only available through online stores (and none of the online stores are great with their stocks). BTW I am still strong on my decision of not buying any makeup a some months but I wanted to check if I get something completely unique.

Jun 3, 2013

June Essentials Haul, OOTD and A New Decision

When do a call a shopping a Haul? I am yet to figure out the number of products that must be there to call your shopping a Haul. I have seen people with just one product and calling it a haul but that never seemed right to me. Anyways, as May was empty-all-you-can month, I didn't purchased anything even if I NEEDED them. So, on 31st of May, I went out and go these things. Yes, online shopping has turned sour for me - nothing new, old stock, late delivery and no discounts.

L'Oreal Smooth Intense, L'Oreal Revitalift Day Cream, Lotus SPF 40 Sunscreen and Maybelline Coral Chic are in the list because I finished them in May.

Maybelline Verde Palmeria is my favorite green and I was saving it for a long time, then, I realized it was all dried up. It had 2 usage left. I didn't included in last month empties because I could never finish it up.

I was in love with Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover but availability was a huge issue so, I moved to Flomar. I have used 3 bottles of Flomar by now and the 4th one will last only a week more at max so, I decided to try something else and got Colorbar Nail Polish Remover

I got the Maybelline Mascara because I gave my old one to Clinique to get the free High Impact Mascara Sample. Because, I broke my Maybelline Kajal last month and even the mascara missing was missing, I got into a yellow-deficiency-syndrome. As, I already have too many kajals and black liners, I got the mascara. For the first time, I got the waterproof version of this one.

And also, my office makeup pouch died last month and all the pretty pouches are stored in a big box in Mr Boy's house in Delhi, I got this sasta tikau one. Its actually a mesh bag that you get at stationery shops which keeps files and folders. It was for just 49 INR. I am still looking for a good one.

Jun 2, 2013

May Empties - My First Empties Post!

Thanks to all the sweet bloggers who inspired me to do empties post, I am here doing my first ever empties post. Special thanks to Shouri Ghosh and Nivedita for the additional support. 

My RULE this month was to 
  • Finish products that have few usage left. 
  • Even when HG products finishes, use other products that I had instead of buying more. 

Following these two rules definitely reduced the number of products on my bath room shelf.  So, presenting my first ever empties post with 19 products...

1. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Africa Spa - I was saving this one for a long time. I finished this up because it expires in June 2013. LOL. I am surely going to get it soon but I am waiting for some offer. The mere 10% discount from my membership card is not enough for something priced soooooooo high. You can read the review here.

2. Original Source Lime Shower Gel - Its a neon yellow shower gel (cool?) which smells like Limca but at times like floor cleaner...ewwwww. Surely, not repurchasing this one. I was keeping this one thinking that I will blog about it but then about-to-finish-shower-gel-bottle looks nothing close to pretty. I dropped my plan and used it up.

3. Palmolive Aroma Sensual Shower Gel - Why didn't I smell this one before buying? I do not have the answer. This one has a very manly smell and it took me some real courage to use. Then, I finished it up as a hand soap. Duh!

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