May 13, 2013

Hit The Pan

This is actually an appreciation post. A salute and a praise for the bloggers who do ‘empties’ post. At the start of very month they show the beautiful empty bottles which they have successfully finished. Inspired by all the beautiful bloggers who do empties post, I want to do empties post from now on. The beautifully lined up empty bottles just look yummy (no, I do not mean to eat any those empty shower gel bottles but I wanted to use the word and so, I used it. Do not write me a mail now to correct it! But you can mail me for other corrections. I always reply to each and every mail). 

Also, empties post is a way to read small review after they have finished up the ENTIRE product. Plus, at times it’s a way to catch up with the complete reviews as well which I might have missed in their blog. 

Why I could never do such posts? Because, I love smell. Confused? Let me explain. I have this habit of attaching smells to feelings and emotion and also, people. Dove soaps reminds me of Boy visiting my city where are I was doing my engineering, Ponds lotion reminds of my time in high school, Nivea reminds me of my second year of college, Palmolive Thermal Spa reminds of my first days of job in Bangalore…and the like. So, when I want to feel a certain time, I sniff the product’s smell attached to it. Hence, I do not want to finish few products. For HG product, I finish up things with no regrets because I buy them back to back. But, finishing products which are tough to source and also, products which were not much effective for me is of issue. What if I finish them and then need to sniff them??? *disaster strikes the Earth. Boom!* Also, there is a bug in me about recycling this. The moment a tub or bottle is about finishes, I know what to do with it *smiles like a cunning cat* I simply cannot keep it for an entire month to take a collective photo. And no, I do not want to show a collage of photos taken as and when each of them got over! 

Now this describes the issue with skincare products now, let’s talk about makeup. Who among you have finished a lipstick? Raise your hand…eggggxxacktlyyyyyyy…NO ONE! But, I still have seen bloggers showing lipsticks in empties post and I have 120% respects for them! *does a Chinese Bow for appreciation and respect…twice* I do finish up nail polishes. In fact, I finished 2 this month! And when I hit the pan for Bourjois Healthy Mix this month, I realized the super huge excitement of doing empties post. 

This month I am trying my level best to keep the products for the post. Empties so far – The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo, L’Oreal Smooth Intense Serum, Maybelline Colorama Beige Natural (2nd bottle down and 3rd bottle will surely come in), Maybelline Colorama Coral Chic (search of 2nd bottle started), Palmolive shower gel of some red color etc. 

Best part – I still have 17 days left in this month. So, wish me luck to do a decent enough empties post. Let’s hope I do not present you ONLY the bottles I mentioned in this post. *I know I am hopeless at times …. most of the times* 

For now, let me bask in the glory of the fact that I could hit the pan for one products.

Wish me Luck. 

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