Apr 1, 2013

NYX Makeup Remover And Cleansing Oil In One with Green Tea Extract Review with Test

I always wanted to try a cleansing oil but there are hardly any options here. On top of my list was definitely MAC Cleanse Off Oil but the price tag of 1500 INR for just 150 ml was not something I am ready for yet. This NYX one is sold for 1300 INR for 100ml...yup MORE than MAC. I had dreams of getting something from Sephora but nothing seemed great. But on Women's Day Healthkart had an offer of flat 50% off on NYX products and then I decided - let's give a try to NYX Makeup Remover And Cleansing Oil. 

Let's see how it fared

Ingredients List

Happy to see that Mineral Oil is not the main component. Most cleansing oil have it as it main ingredient.

Now, the best part -

Removal Test

I have used the most long lasting products that I could find near by - Revlon Whipped CreamRevlon Blackest Black, Mabelline Color Tatoo Bad On Bronze, NYX Electric Blue, Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara, Maybelline Super Stay Non Stop Red and a Bourjois Lip Liner.

You do not end need to rub much. Just gently massage, use a cotton pad to remove the oil and you are left with nothing. I could see very very faint hint of Maybelline Non Stop Red.



It comes in a long transperant plastic bottle with a screw cap and stopper. The stopper do regulate the flow but because its OIL, there is not much help here that can be done. I personally will never risk to travel with this. 

All NYX products are Crueltry Free.

Sweet Point
  • Does it work fantastically. No need to rub your eyes or face.
  • Does not sting eyes. It has sometime sting if I try to open eyes but its not always. I am yet to formalize the theory on this. I have used olive oils and almond oils previously and I could not dare to open my eyes because of stingy feel. 
  • Does not leave any oily feel behind (even in this summer) after I wipe it out with cotton pad and wash my face with water.

Bitter Point
  • Huge price. Even higher than MAC - for 1300 INR for 100 ml its like paying 13 INR for each ml and for MAC its 10 INR for each ml ( 1500 INR for 150ml ). Is it because it does not use the cheap Mineral Oil as the main ingredient? But still...huge price....[EDIT - Just to make it clear and as I missed to mention it - MAC Cleanse Off is mineral oil free]
  • Not easily available in India. 
  • Stings eyes at times.


I won't repurchase ever for the full price and I will not recommend anyone as well. Though it works, I am not happy with the price tag at all. I might not even by if I get a off again. I will continue using my faithful Maybelline Bi-phase before I find something great in cleansing oil department.

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