Apr 14, 2013

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Activate Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Face Pack Review

I am sucker for weird color face packs. But, never a fan of Aroma Magic. Last year around November,  I say the print ads of these, I went like - Dil Jumping Japak Jumping Jumping. Most irritating song ever..what say u? I had to get this. They were unavailable everywhere and many were not even aware of them. And  somehow, I finally got Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Activate Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Face Pack

See what it says.....and yes, it actually says......


Price - 380 INR for 100ml. They have a introductory offer for 300 INR and as I got from a local shop, the shopkeeper charged only 280 INR which is decent for 100ml of face pack.

How I used ? I have used by diluting it and at times like a thick coat. The product is very fine so, you will need very less. It spreads easily.

How I felt? I could not see any major ohh-I-am-in-Love moment with this one. NOTHING.

I cannot say it brightens my skin because it feels almost the same way it feels when I just washed my face with water. NOTHING

I cannot say it regulate oil or made my skin dry. NOTHING.

I cannot even say it stopped blackhead or reduces pimples. Seriously dude...NOTHING.

Only thing I noticed was that when I applied it before bed my skin looked a bit...a lee-tel bit brighter next morning. But, that can be because of more water intake or sound sleep!

It does no good, it does no harm. No nasty pimples or breakouts because of this.

Do I recommend? No. Even after a month I cannot see anything that it did to me! Maybe my skin is too much used to the pamper of home made and Lush face-masks. Luckily, it did no harm to me.

Will I repurchase? No. I got it only because I wanted a black face pack. And now, I need a BLUE face mask. Any suggestions?

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