Apr 16, 2013

In Love With Strong and Fresh Smell of The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream For All Skin Types (Review)

Few days back TBS had 20% on 3 products. I picked the 2 products I had in mind and started searching for the 3rd products. As I almost tried everything, I was looking for something new. I never go near the rack that stores those hand creams in tin tubes because I am very afraid that they might cut and leak. But then I suddenly saw the green tube. The name Absinthe was real tempting. I was aware of the collection but was not expecting it to come to India this soon. Luckily even this was on offer and so, I grabbed it.

Here is some details on the range.

Price - 495 INR 30ml and 995 INR for 100ml. I got it for 20% off. For me, it was for the same price as Soap and Glory Hand Food.

Packaging - Its comes in a tin tube with a screw cap. I trust the tight screw cap but I am worried that it might crack when more of the cream  is used and there are groves in the tin body. Have you used Boroline? Then I am sure you know what leaking means. I will update if this starts to leak that way.

Texture – It is like a watery body lotion.  Perfect for summer. Get absorbed fast and moisturizing for summer. Does not leave behind a plastic feeling after it is absorbed by the skin. Be careful when the tube is new because a lot comes out directly when you unscrew the cap. If you need a thicker version then get the hand butter from this range.

Smell – Here is the make-it or break-it moment. You might either LUBH it or Hate it. The smell is like fresh cut morning grass which is strong in the beginning and then lingers with the same strength for a long long time.

It effectively covers food smells – even Onions! As much as I like to eat, I hate when finger smell of food. Most Indian foods have overpowering smell. I think when used with the hand wash it might take away any strong smell.

I applied it today morning and tried not to wash my hands (no bathroom breaks for me! LOL)  and it lasted for 4 hours. Even when I washed my hands, there was a faint smell. I am loving the smell but you might hate it. Check it properly before buying.


Sweet Points
  • Fresh long lasting smell which last for long and covers odour.
  • Moisturizing for summer
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Does not give a plastic feel when it absorbed into the skin.

Bitter Points
  • Costly for full price.
  • Tin tube body is scary.

Will I repurchase? If this gets over in summer then surely I will (after some rethinking). Maybe the 100ml but I will empty it out in a pump dispenser bottle.
Do I recommend? If you liked the smell then go ahead. It is perfect for summer. It has replaced other hand creams in my bag now as it works great for my harsh AC environment and humid outside climate.

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