Mar 5, 2013

Who Let the SHEEPS Out? (Simple Easy Nail Art)

This Sunday, Deepa visited my home to help me with a video which is pending for a month now! But the weather and mood was not great for a video and I ended up doing nail art for her. I took pictures indoor and I am never happy with my indoor photography. In a very very very tired state, I made the exact design for myseld. But, when I woke up I realized, a sheep was missing his/her eye and another had a bad accident which made a deep cut though his stomach (Mental note - never sleep directly after you apply top coat. If very tired then skip it and do it next thing in the morning! )

When I went to office, everyone liked it because it was so colorful. Things in Office are bad and sad. Everyone is gloomy so, different color cheered everyone. Then someone said - "Where is the black sheep? There is always one crazy one in the family."
So, last night, I took off everything - blind face, wounded body - and changed the colors to make this. The first nail art of my life which I did 3 times in a row! 3 times!!! In a row!!!!

 "Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?"

And its totally fine if you don't have coz its super crazy summer here already!!


And here is what I did for Deepa.

(Mental Note - my indoor photography really really really skills sucks)


And finally Dedicated to the Agnus Dei

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