Mar 12, 2013

Summer is Here

Hence, all my Lush products have decided to keep the party in the refrigerator. Joining the party are some Iraya face masks and scrubs. I didn't had great views about them but giving them another chance. Got them in Jan. There is also a Aloe Vera gel tub. You must always have one in your refrigerator if you have sensitive or prone to sun burn/tanning.

Ohh and there are always some fruit juices - My Fav for summer? After mints drinks, the thing I like most are Litchi. I know the packaged ones are not healthy but then I get bored of drinking so much plain water and need some icy cold beverages at times. I also love butter milk.

I also have some more changes 

  • All my current body shop body butters - Coconut, Ginger Sparkle and Passion fruit (still in 2 minds about this one) are out of my closet and into the storage now. I will be using FabIndia Green Tea. I used it last year as well and I got a new one now.

  • All my soaps and shower gels with warm smells - Palmolive Coconut, Enliven Vanilla Coconut, Enliven Raspberry Apple, Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Soap, etc are out of shower shelves and into storage. I have got something from Soulflower and some soaps from FabIndia. 
  • Also, all my fancy or warm jammies are out and given way to comfortable cotton ones. In fact, I am heading out now to buy some cotton wears.

Any updates at your end?
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