Mar 7, 2013

Mid-Week Stress Relief Shopping from Accessorize

I rarely shop on weekdays (Hello! Where is the time??) Anyways,  I left office early yesterday. Then, I found that accessorize still has the sale on! STILL! I had to go and I picked JUST 2 things.

Accessorize Mr Fox Pendent Long Necklace Rose Gold

Price: 845 INR  254 INR

accessorize mr Fox pendent long necklace rose gold

Accessorize Santorini Bead Hoop in Peach

I wanted it for long (not desperately!) but the actual price was not convincing me much. But now it seems more than Okay...

Price: 995 INR  299 INR

accessirze santorini bead drop earring

How do you do when you think things are not going great?

BTW one good thing happened to me today. Will share about it soon....

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