Mar 27, 2013

MAC Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored, Love Goddess Swatches (Marilyn Monroe Lipsticks)

I might be last person on the planet to swatch them! 

First Reason for Delay - India is the last one to receive the MAC collections. Read January for Marilyn Collection.

Second Reason for Delay - I only had two lipsticks with me. I was about to review but realized that Mr.Boy has got for me the 3rd one I need. He send me that in the mid of Feb.

Third Reason for Delay - I am super lazy. And yet I do not settle until I get the perfect shot I need. So, the lip sticks swatched were never good for me.

But, today I am posting them - no matter what!

I have got 3 lipsticks

Love Goddess
Charmed I'm Sure
Deeply Adored

MAC Love Goddess, Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored Lip Swatch

The staying power of lipsticks are great. More than 6-7 hours for each. The glossiness of Love Goddess wears off in 4 hours. All the lipsticks stain lips for a long time.

But why I am posting them anyway and not skipping them? Because they are supposed to be relaunched in Fall 2013. The packaging or color may or may not differ. They surely have to have some new colors as well. Becuse, how many reds anyone can buy?

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