Mar 14, 2013

Guess Who Won the Fragrance of the Year by Cosmo India?

I was a person who was happy with deodorant. I mean you spend just 100-150 INR, smell good, throw it away when you get bored and buy something new. Then, something happened. In 2011, one of my flatmates in Gurgaon showed me the world of perfume. She showed me her cabinet one day and I could not believe my eyes - the best perfumes from the best brands - you name it and she had it. Slowly she made me realize how great perfumes are. I used to get confused when I go to store. ( I still get confused! ) Also, the perfume SA in India was of the pushy variety  So, she said I can try her perfumes and see which one would suit me. I could not try all (would have been creepy) but I always had my eyes on this one. Even before knowing the world of perfumes, I knew who was the queen - Dior J'Adore.

I tried it and I could not believe the staying power on me. Nothing has ever lasted this long. Maybe because I never had used perfume from high-end brands but I was sold. After that, I have lost counts on how many times I decided to buy this but changed my mind, felt bad for not buying and again planned to buy it. In general, if I see something and like it, I bring it home with me. The price was not that scared me but I am not sure till now why I never got it. This went on for more than a year. Again last year, my favorite boss was wearing this and I could actually pin-point it. She also had a great taste in perfume BTW. The incident encouraged me more to get it but again I could not buy. Don't know why?

Now, Mr Boy came to know about this 'mental-issue' of mine. So, not to make him worry (yes, he feels that something is bothering me if I am not shopping so, he gets tensed with what is wrong with me), I told him I will buy it duty-free because its will be 100% original and also, low price. Maybe the international part got into his brain and hence, he got me this from Istanbul for 100 Euros. Yes, it turned out to be almost as costly as its priced in India but I cannot stop loving him for the cuteness he showed. (Mr Boy - In case you are reading this then close this page right now!)

I was not comfortable about talking all this here but then ....

Thanks Dear
(Mr Boy - Why haven't you closed the page yet?)

History of the Dior J'Adore Bottle  - The iconic bottle was Designed by HervĂ© Van Der Straeten, the perfume bottle for J'Adore resembles a jar both ancient, modern and timeless... The beautiful elongated shape of the bottle was inspired by golden coils worn by the women of the Kayan Lahwi Tribe,to elongate their neck.

Frankly, I do no like the bottle much! But I would love to get a miniature (Mental Note - Check once in Ebay Edit in Mental Note - Forget it! Load of fakes + prices are %!&*$  )

For many this is quite heavy but I love this a lot. I am surely not wearing this everyday. It's stored in a dark cool place of my wardrobe. And yup, this is 100 ml EDP! So, maybe I will be wearing it...say...till my kids start going to school. Yes, I am not married yet.

And coming to the post's title - Dior J'Adore won the first place.

PS: There were two other perfumes I had used from her and I loved them - Nike Up and Down for Women and Estee Lauder Sensuous. I got Nike Up and Down long back.  Estee Lauder Sensuous is not retailed in India. I brought a sampler this month from Ebay for that.
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