Mar 27, 2013

Bourjois Paris 15 Rouge Podium Rouge Edition Lipstick Swatch and Review

I got them in December and I am wondering how I missed reviewed this lovely red for this long? 

Products from Bourjois are hardly a fail. They always come up with something great. This time - Rouge Edition Lipsticks. There are total of 18 colors. The shades are split into three categories; Preppy (neutrals), Colour Block (bright, eye catching shades) and Night Out (deep reds and plums). 

Rouge Podium is part of Night Out. Its a classic red with pulls lot of orange on my yellow skin. It is balmy, sheeny and still covers lips properly. And I love it for the great moisturizing effect. They are just like Maxfactor Elixir Lipsticks

Rouge Podium has blue shimmers which show up in macro photos but I cannot see them. No gritty feeling as well! I do not know where the blue shimmer are? Maybe they are make the teeth look whiter ?!!?! 

In short - I LOVE THEM.

Sweet Points

  • Sheer balmy effect
  • Moisturizing / Hydrating and does not dries lips
  • Smooth to apply
  • Does not settle on lines
  • Light and feels like nothing on lips
  • Opaque to covers lip pigmentation
  • Fades uniformly
  • Last for a good time - around 5-6 house. Leave behind a tint which lasts longer.

Bitter Points
  • Costly at 775 INR
  • There are still not much stores and online shops who keep Bourjois products. There are just 
  • 2 in my city! Another reason they are hardly on discounts. You might get some gifts with purchase.

Overall - I love it and wish to buy more. There are 3-4 other great colors. The price is the issue here. At times whenever the lipsticks are more than 600 INR, I feel that I should go ahead and get MAC lipsticks. The same reason I have not brought more Maxfactor Elixir Lipsticks. But now that MAC lipsticks are also going to raise the price (I do not know how much), I might end up buying few more shades.

You can see swatched of the other shades in the same range - Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Swatches

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