Feb 21, 2013

Maybelline Non Stop Red Super Stay 14 Hours Lipstick 510 Review and Swatch

How many long wear, forever stay, infinite wear, etc etc lipstick are there in the market? Infinite. You have any trust on them? Not so much. So, when I heard of the Maybelline 14 Hours Lipstick, I just rolled my eyes – Another huge claim…blah blah. 

But then the shopaholic in me just cannot say a NO. Especially, when there is a flat 15% off on all Maybelline products. Can she? So, I jumped on the only product that I do not have from Maybelline. I was bored with Infinitely Fuchsia, Keep me Coral and another Coral one because I was seeing it everywhere. I needed something different and then I found – Maybelline 14 Hours Lipstick Non Stop Red. 

You can read details about these lipsticks collection here

Color – It looked like a bright reddish pink but it was not that. Damnn you stupid store lights! Actually its a pinkish red. 

Stay - Does it stay on for 14 Hours? I applied it yesterday around 4 PM. It looked nice and so, I skipped swatching the MAC lipsticks on lips and keep it on. I had French fries and omelet at evening. I thought it must have worn off. I forgot about this completely. Right after my dinner of oily Indian food with rice, I looked at my face. I was shocked – Full color with 90% intensity with only slight signs of wearing off. No bleeding, NOTHING. I did my regular cleansing at night avoiding the lips. Washed my face with water. At 1 AM before going to sleep, it was there! I took the challenge and went to sleep with the lipstick (please never do this!) I woke up to see lot of tint to be still there! I had to use a sugar scrub on lips to remove it and a bit of it was still there! I have to say this – I AM SUPER IMPRESSED. The lip color is light and you can just forget about it. I would have not even realized that I had this on unless I had looked at the mirror. Surprisingly, it survived food! I am the biggest lipstick eater and lipsticks hardly last though meals. I was expecting it to be of drying quality. I didn't apply any lip balm, etc underneath or over it but I didn't give me flaky lips though I wore it even over night. It was not even much drying compared to the general long stay colors. 

Maybelline has a super stay lip color long time back which I brought during my student years. It was good but extremely drying. It felt like paint on lips. It used to wear off like paint peels. YUCK! This however is a HUGE improvement over that one. 

Transfer Resistant - This is not 100% transfer resistant when freshly applied. I tested it again on a porcelain cup before going to sleep and it passed with flying colors. 

Smell - It has sweet cherry type smell but that does not last long.

Packaging - I really hope it was better. Its does look bit cheap with that white plastic cap.

Price - 525 INR. Maybelline is having 15% off on all products at most counters. I got mine from Shoppers Stop. And, if you purchase more than 1200INR then 20% off. 

Overall - For the price I paid and how the product worked, I have to give it full 5 STARS. 

I have to say this – If you ever had issues with lipstick staying on your lips (who doesn’t have?) then please BUY ONE NOW!

There are 20 colors to select from and I hope you find your match.

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