Feb 7, 2013

Just Like Z Palettes, Inglot Freedom System Palette To Take Away Your Refill Issues

I love refills - perfect space savers. But I love palettes more becuase they are already packed into one single thing. But at times palettes are not good enough and carrying around refills while traveling is not an option. Solution? Get customizable palettes to fill in the refills. The ones available in India are MAC and Inglot but they can fit only a fixed number of refils and that too of a fixed size. Also, they are priced at a quite a higher price. Solution? Z palettes but then they are not found in India and cost upto 1200 INR with shipping and more if custom charges are also included.

Soltion to All problem - Inglot Freedom Palette (This is the small one)

Because of the issues with refills I do not own a single refill but I wanted to try. I went to Inglot and I was not sure which palette to try. The normal one has a magnetic cover which seemed weak for daily use. After spending a lot of time there, the SA realized that I was not at all sure what to get and it suddenly clicked him that he had something just for me - a magnetic palette with mirror which can fit in any refill!

Price - 480 INR

How it is the perfect palette?

1. Unlike other palettes, it can fit in refills of any shape - round, square, rectangle, small, large anything.
2. The arrangement can be changed any time. If you own a lot of refills then you can pick the ones you want to be arranged in this while you are travelling, etc. Fit in a face powder, lipstick, eyeshadow.....anything you wish to.
3. Priced just at 480 INR which is lower then any Inglot or MAC or Z palettes (including shipping)
4. The magnet is strong and the refills does not move around on its own..
5. Has a mirror in it.
6. Compact in size and travel friendly with a tight lock.

What is not great?

1. Availability. There were only two in the store and I took one. I could not find them online anywhere.
2. The price might me more or less than 480 INR because the amount is blackened in the box. Check the last image.

I am in love with this now. I can confidently buy more and more refills now. Suggestions are welcome :)

Let me know if you have spot them so far.

Keep Smiling

EDIT - I found the bill for the products

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